Positive Perspective: Thor’s Day and Thinking It Through a Step At a Time

Positive Perspective: Thor’s Day and Thinking It Through a Step At a Time

Hi CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! Happy Thor’s Day to you! Here’s hoping this day finds you happy, healthy, and well. I really cannot stress enough the healthy part. What do I mean? Well, sit yourselves down, and get comfy. If you want, prop up your feet. I have…

If you remember from my last Positive Perspective post, I have taken a fall. On Sunday evening Campbell and I were involved in a sort of a Mudslide. You can check that post out here on the site.

Well, all day MoonDay *Monday* I limped round, my knee popped, creeped, and cracked. It pained me to no end, and so finally Tuesday I made an appointment to see the doctor. They wanted to see me right away, but I explained to them I’d need to schedule a KATS *Kingsport Area Transit* Door To Door Service Van, and would need an appointment for the next day.

Yesterday, Woden’s Day Campbell and I made our way to ETSU Family Physicians Doctor’s office via the KATS van service, and the driver was most helpful, let me tell you. I’d never been to that location before. They’d just recently moved their office there and it was all brand new to me. The driver said he’d not been there before either, so we were unsure as to which door I was to use to get inside. Well, as would be my way, I entered backward. This is how it went…

When we pulled into the parking lot, Campbell stood, and shook himself. The driver said he actually appeared to be looking around to see what was where. This did not surprise me, Campbell is extremely aware of himself, and what his purpose is when we’re out on our own, so why would he not look around to see what was where?

The driver described to me that there were three doors. One with a ramp, one with ten steps leading up which also had a sign posting office hours etc and a door marked Elevator. Since the door marked elevator gave no indication as to where it might lead, or what the elevator might take us to, and because of my knee, I opted for the ramp. I figured this was where Wheelchair patients entered, and so up we went. The driver came along because he was concerned I might have to come back down if this was not the right place, and he did not want me walking around on my own while limping so badly. Once at the top we saw that there was a keypad on the door thus making a key code required to get into the building. Just as I started to turn and go back down, because it was obviously an entrance for staff, the KATS driver pressed a doorbell saying, “Here’s a bell, let’s see what happens if we ring it.” Curious🙂 a moment later a nurse came to the door. She took one look at us and understood without being told what happened. I explained why I was there, and she offered to walk me through and into the check in area. I was relieved, and after thanking the driver for his awesome assistance, went with her through the door and down the hall toward the reception and waiting area. Campbell followed her beautifully, and although I felt a bit silly having come through the back door, I couldn’t help but to laugh. I always do things backward, so why would coming to a new building be any different? The nurse explained things to me as we went. She told me the door marked elevator led just inside, and to an elevator, which when taken would lead to the floor we were currently on and the entrance into where she was taking us. She did not mind at all to help, and understood when I explained why I’d chosen that door.

Once into the reception/waiting area, I quickly got signed in and was relieved and gladdened to learn that I no longer had to pay a copay to see the doctor there. This was something new and I filed away a personal note to take a closer look at my insurance policy. Seemed as though the new year had brought new and wonderful changes, and I wondered what else there might be.

Finally I was done, and seated. The receptionist had come from behind the counter, and shown us to the seating area. Once settled in we had a wonderful chat with another patient waiting, who actually meant it when she said, “Oh! I had a black lab almost identical to him.” She’d come excitedly over and sat across from us, and as she’d described her black lab of 14 years, I knew she knew just exactly what she was talking about. I make this point because you cannot know just how many times I’ve heard, “Oh! I had a dog just like that!” Only to find said dog weighed about 30 pounds and that the only similarities between said dog, and mine were their coloring. LOL!

Finally they called us back, and the waiting began. I reminded myself that I was in no hurry, and that I could take this time to meditate quietly and relax. My blood pressure had been high when they’d taken it upon taking me back, and although we’d expected it to be because everything was such an effort for me due to the pain I was in, I wanted to lower it as soon as I could. I’ve prided myself in being able to keep myself off meds for that so far even though it does creep up occasionally, and has in the not so distant past caused issue.

To my dismay I found I’d left my phone at home. As I’d gotten ready that morning, I’d lain it onto the table beside my chair to charge, and accidentally left it when putting Campbell in harness just as the van was arriving.

So, I gave Campbell a good tummy rub and spoke to him about how very proud I was of him for doing such a splendid job bringing me there, and then settled back to quiet my mind.

I’d been practicing mindful meditation, and figured NOW was as good a time as any to work on it. I slowed my breathing, and began to purposefully relax my mind. Did you know the mind is a kind of muscle of its own, and that NOW I’ve learned how I can quite literally physically feel my head relax, and my mind within. I really believe my brain matter itself relaxes a bit when I do this. I do not know how to describe it, and no one taught this to me. It is something I just realized one day that I could do.

Anyhow, I sat and settled myself, and soon I was quietly sorting issues in my mind, and filing them alongside solutions. I’d recently began to view my mind similarly to how I’d at one time scheduled shifts for Contact Concern of Northeast Tennessee INC. During my time as Volunteer Coordinator there, I’d learned allot about filing things away, and categories, so doing this inside my head was no problem, and had really started to help me in all ways.

After not such a long time at all, there was a knock at the door, and a polite young man was introducing himself to me as “John a medical student” and I was explaining to him the issue that had brought me to the doctor that day. I found him to be polite, attentive, and thorough. (Side Note) As I was writing the word ‘Thorough the predictive text tried to turn it into ‘Thor’
After a few minutes of discussion between the two of us, and just as I was introducing him to Campbell and explaining him, there was another knock on the door. A slightly older than the student ladies voice kindly floated in. “Hello? May I come in?” John introduced her to me, but at the moment her name escapes me. I’m bad with names these days. 😒 She was the attending physician and John quickly and efficiently brought her up to speed, and we three continued onward together. Me answering questions, John asking some of his own, and the doctor interjecting every now and then.

Finally they were through with questions and ready to get down to the business of torturing…I mean examining me. 😣

They assisted me onto the table, after I secured Campbell to the chair I’d been sitting in. Which I might add he could pick up and move with no effort what so ever. I however trusted him to remain at rest when I left him, and except for one moment which I’ll describe shortly he did well. They laid me back against the table, and the doctor pulled the end of the table out to form an extension and placed my feet on it. She then began her torture. I mean examination. Sorry folks, I’m not usually a baby about pain, but let me tell you, when I say this lady could work for the US Intelligence Department and learned anything from anyone I mean it. LOL Seriously, she was gentle and kind, but when she pressed her thumb into the little space between the side of my knee and the cab of my leg, I improved my levitation skills one-hundred percent! As I came up from the table, I was unable to keep from making a strangled cry of pain. At the same moment Campbell rose up and gave a soft but firm “Woolf!” That said, quite literally, “Stop that! Right here, and NOW! Woolf!” Angry🐶 I quickly gathered myself by taking a couple of quick but deep breaths, and speaking softly but firmly said, “Bubba, mommy’s just fine. Down! Please!” He gave a quick wiggly waggly jingly, jangly, shake, moaned softly and lie down as asked. I added as he did so, “Good…Boy…Rest!” And he did. I gave both the doctor and student permission to pet, and suggested they do so to show Campbell they ment no harm, and I remaining whee I was gave Campbell permission to accept. After all was settled again, the doctor described what she’d found. Now, I cannot spell nor pronounce correctly the muscle she named, maybe my friend Mike Tate is reading, and he might tell us. He’s a massage therapist after all, and knows these things. He knows the one I mean. Anyhow, she said an EX-ray was our next step. Even though it will tell little to nothing, the insurance company requires it. This gripes me to no end, but that’s a blog post of a political nature, and other than sharing other’s work, I’m not yet ready to tackle this…

We made arrangements for me to have prescriptions for medication to relieve some of the misery in my knee and leg, a brace to help keep any more damage from occurring, and I headed for the check out desk. John walked us up front, and soon the nice young man at the check out area was escorting us to the elevator and downstairs. We’d called KATS from the desk upstairs, and although I had to stand to wait, it felt good to be out in the sun. The air had warmed considerably since our going in, and the fog that had been frozen and thick in places along our way was gone.

I felt a bit overwhelmed as I thought of all that lie ahead for Campbell and me, and at least one-thousand thoughts were swirling through my mind as to how to take care of just the necessities of Campbell’s daily needs. I had no idea how on earth I’d accomplish everything needing done each day if I was to stay off this leg, be tested, and probably have surgery, but I knew it would have to be tended.

I spent the afternoon venting on FB and taking suggestions. Some great, and some terrible. By bed time I had a bit of a plan formulating, and as I am getting ready to prepare myself for the day ahead, I have a pretty decent couple of plans. Neither are settled in stone, and will most likely change several times along the way, but some of the great suggestions yesterday got me thinking, and I’m better than I was yesterday in my mind.

I hope you’ll come back soon to see how our trip out to the Imaging Center for EX-Rays goes.

Until next time this is the Continuously Clumsy Patty and her Steady as ever Adaptable To Anything King Campbell AKA Bubba saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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