Positive Perspective: The Strange Question Campbell, Claud, and Me

Positive Perspective: The Strange Question Campbell, Claud, and Me

Happy Late Thor’s Day from all here in the Campbell Kingdom! I tell you, your timing’s perfect. I just did put on water for tea, made a cup, and got plenty left. Come on in, brew your pleasure,and I’ll tell you the goings on since we last chatted.

Now, if memory serves me right, and, believe it or not, sometimes it really do… when we left off, Campbell and I were getting ready to head out for the Imaging Center, and an X-ray. Well, let me tell you, it was a most wonderful experience. We almost had a problem, but just in the nick of time, I remembered that I’m writing this ‘Positive Perspective’ series, and telling all about the things happening in my world, and trying to be positive, and I knew I did not want to have to see my own quote of, “If you don’t want people to know how you are, don’t be that way” used against me, so I took a deep breath and all turned out great. AWW… but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me back up and start from where we left one another.

Just after I’d put my things away from blogging for the morning, I made my way into the bed room to get dressed for the day. I made sure to put on loose fitting pants, because I wasn’t sure if they’d want to lift my pant leg to get the pictures they needed or not. Sometimes X-rays can be tricky. Once I was all dressed and ready to go, I shared an apple with Campbell. We’ve really begun to enjoy having fruit in the mornings together, and although I don’t give him much, Campbell really does get into the whole sharing process. I, of course always use it for obedience, and this morning was no different. Best part? It put me ahead of the game. Normally I do a round of obedience before putting him into harness, so since it was so close to leaving time, I let that count. By the time the KATS *Kingsport Area Transit* van got there we were raring to go. Even I, bad as I felt was glad to be getting out of the house. NOW, I knew Campbell was a laid back sort of dog. You know? A take it in stride kinda dude, but I never knew just how truly awesome and adaptable he truly is until this day.

First off there was boarding the van. I wasn’t quite ready to go when he got here. Even though we were excited, I’d really spent too much time on that blog post, but I’d so very much wanted to get it out before we left, so I’d be caught up and ready to write about what happened next, I just couldn’t stop till it was done and published. I just cannot tell you how satisfying it is every time I post something here on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for the help I get with my blog, but it gives me great pleasure to write and post on my own, as well as being able to share other’s work. I really do at times take a “dogged” attitude about it. 🙂

Finally we were all ready to walk out the door, but just as we started to the van, I remembered that Campbell really should park again before we left. I didn’t think it would take that long to get my leg looked at and X-rays taken, but who could really say? So, I made a quick detour into the front yard saying, “Hang on just a minute, Campbell’s gotta go.” To the van driver as we went.

Soon we were making our way through the yard to the van, and Campbell was quite proud of himself, when we reached the door before our driver. When we were in settled, and I’d paid our fair, the driver and I started chatting about where I was going and why. By the time we got to the Imaging Center I was feeling a bit more at ease. Being rushed getting out the door, and not being sure of where to go once I got into this place, had me feeling a bit stressed in the beginning but that was no more. As I exited the van the driver said, “I’ll walk with you. I know just where you’re going.” Soon we were following him inside, and he quickly showed me where the counter I needed was, I thanked him, and Zip! Just like that he was gone.

I turned to the receptionist at the counter, and told her my name, and why I was there. She assisted me by taking my cards, and paperwork, and finding someone to help me get checked in. And…Here’s where the snag almost happened. I still have to shake my head when I think about it. It wasn’t so much that the woman asked this question, I guess, rather it was the fact that common sense would’ve stopped such a question from ever being born if it had been employed. Anyhow, when the lady’s coworker arrived on the scene, I anticipated no trouble. She seemed to know how to work with Campbell and me. She took and followed the instructions I gave beautifully, and she was very kind. I think, that probably had allot to do with how I handled what came next.

When we were settled into the cubical with her, she began to look through the paperwork needing done. A moment later she stopped, dead, in her tracks. She asked, “Can you sign?” Thinking nothing about it I said, “Yes, I can sign my name.” She said, “No, I mean can you sign?” I took a breath, it was dawning on me what she meant. The First Lady I’d encountered came over and said, “I guess I don’t understand?” The lady assisting me said, “Well, she’s blind, can she sign?” The lady asked me, “Can you sign your name?” I nearly laughed, “Ma’am I don’t think that’s what she’s asking. Ma’am, what is it you’d like to know?” “Well…” She said, “I mean you’ve your dog with you…?” I was starting to get a bit frustrated at this point, and had not yet thought of my series, and the responsibility I have to try and live up to what I write, and said, “just what does that have to do with the price of eggs in China?” Finally out of pure frustration she says, “Well, you cannot read, and how are you going to sign?” I sighed, “Ma’am, you can read any documents I am not sure of to me, and then I can know what it says, but most of these forms are the standard consent, or information sheets, and I’m doubtful of my needing you to do more than tell me what each one is over all and point me in the right direction.” I realized I was starting to get huffy, took a deep breath, and waited for her to do as I requested. Once we got going, and I began to make conversation with her as we went, she relaxed, and soon the paperwork was finished, and she was leading us back to the waiting area. She was amazed and a little excited when Campbell found a chair for me without my even asking, and she was apologetic for her earlier misconception. I told her as I settled Campbell and myself into our spot, “Ma’am I’ve been asked weirder questions than that. I guess what bumfuzzled, me was the fact that you thought you needed to ask that question.” “Well, I didn’t mean it like it sounded, ever.” She said, “It’s just I wondered if it were legal. I’d never had a blind client before that needed the help. The only blind persons I ever assisted before had people with them.” I smiled and said, “Well, some of us are a bit more independent than others. I like to do things on my own as much as is possible.” We chatted for another quick moment and then she was gone. As I waited for someone to call me back, I was very proud of how that had gone, and felt very positive about anything yet to come. What I hadn’t counted on was another torturous to come onto the scene, but when the X-ray tech came and got me, and we got the X-rays underway I would absolutely see my mistake.

Campbell followed the tech beautifully into the small room. I asked a few questions as far as to where things were etc, and finally determined that it would be best to simply keep Campbell connected to me, and have him lie beside the X-ray table while I had the films made. I had him lie down and rest. Then I made a long leash, and buckled the strap around my wrist, and got onto the table, and into the first position. It was not so bad. It wasn’t so bad when they had me lie on my left side, and put the offending leg on top of the good leg, and turn a bit side-ways. It wasn’t even too bad when I lie on my right side, and curled my legs into weird pretzel shapes, but when she had me turn onto my stomach and bend the knee up behind me, I nearly hollered. Only thing stopped me was Campbell. I did not want him to stand up and bark, else we’d have to reshoot that all over and I didn’t want to at all have to do such. Finally it was all over and the tech and her assistant were walking us back out front. There were nice benches just inside the entrance, and Campbell and I were happy to wait there until the van returned. It was a different driver on the return trip, but our trip was just as fabulous, and the driver every bit as helpful as Campbell and I exited the van sometime later. As we waved good-bye, I set about deciding how I was going to spend the rest of the day. I knew first thing was first. Get Campbell parked, and us inside. After I’d accomplished this, I went out and picked up my Meals On Wheels meal. I’d known they delivered it because they were coming as I was going, and I’d instructed the lady delivering to put it in the cooler. I’d been sure it was more than cool enough out that it wouldn’t go bad. I was glad to see I was right. I carried the food into the house, and popped it into the microwave. As I waited for it to be done, I texted with my dad. He was to come over and bring me my mother’s old quad cane. Now, I have to tell you that although I hated I’d messed up my knee, and was going through all this crap, to be allowed to use my mom’s cane gave me real pleasure, and still does. Now, let me tell you something else about this quad cane. It’s not just any old ordinary cane. No sir! This cane has a name, and if memory serves me right, and again, sometimes it do… this cane had a personality all of its own, and in fact its name is Claud. Many people name their equipment as they get and use it, and my mother had been no different. She’d had a quad cane named Claud, and a walker named Gertrude. I hope to not need Gertrude, but it is an honor to be sure to be using Claud. I can still hear her scolding him when he would fall over. “Now! Claud, you’re gonna have to stand up straight.” And, would you know? I’ve already started talking to it, Ur…Um? I mean him.

How does Campbell feel about Claud? Well, at first he seemed a bit unsure, but as the day has gone on he has begun to get used to it. I think he’ll do OK with it. The real trick will be when we go out and about. It’ll be Campbell, Claud, and me. I told my friend Claire the other day, “We’ll just call ourselves the C&C Kingdom (Campbell and Claud)

Well, that’s the end of our tale. The rest of the evening was spent with me lying on the loveseat engrossed in a book, resting my leg, and Campbell sleeping. I have to tell you that this thing with my knee has been a bit challenging for both of us. It has changed how we do everything, but we’re slowly figuring it out, and while I know the situation is going to change a couple of times during the duration but I know we’re gonna be AOK!

So until next time this is Patty Campbell, and Claud, saying…
keep your balance, may harmony find you, and blessid be.

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