Positive Perspective: Successful Snowy Sniff Fest, Sundown in the Campbell Kingdom

Positive Perspective: Successful Snowy Sniff Fest, Sundown in the Campbell Kingdom

Hello again, CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! Campbell and I are back with a really great tale to tell at the end of what has been for the most part an awesome day.

We’re glad you stopped by to see how we’re doing during this most wonderful winter weather, and we hope you can sit a minute or two, warm up and enjoy our story. How’s about grabbing a cup of CandyCane Tea, or some sort of fave drink, and we’ll let you in on the happenings of the day.

Campbell and I enjoyed a great afternoon together, me alternating between reading, social media, and online games, and Campbell between snoozing and watching out the door, taking in the frosty goings on of our family’s play.

We went for a walk in the mid-afternoon, and weren’t at all impressed with the half frozen slick stuff lying about, and quite honestly, I was dreading the Sundown Sniff Fest coming up later in the evening. I’d almost decided that at 5:30 when we went back out, we’d just take a quick trip to the front yard, and back in, but this plan, as usual was not to be.

Once outside just after sundown, Campbell once again came to life, and as he cautiously led me across the driveway into the yard, I decided we’d go ahead and brave the slick frozen ground, and take a walk. Turned out to be a great decision. First thing I learned, once the sun goes down over the horizon, it gets blue…! Well, it gets dang!cold! And when the wind kicks up and gets whistling round the eves, and downspouts, it’s not a beautiful windblown song. Campbell however, thought it was most awesome, and his enthusiastic pull and happy sniffing, snuffing, and snorting let me know just how much.

Soon we were making our way around the yard, and down alongside the wooden privacy fence, and heat-pumps. I, liking to walk quickly through this part of the yard, once again took Campbell’s harness handle in my hand, and said firmly, “Campbell! Hup! Hup!” And motioned him forward. He, hesitated to sniff the fence just one more quick time and then we were off. He carefully brought me round the house, down the edge of my neighbor’s drive, and into the front yard. I again gave him a long leash, and his head, letting him have at the frozen ground underneath us as we went. He happily rewarded me with sniffing, snuffing, digging and rolling from one side to the other. I want to answer a reader’s question here and say that, when Campbell is in harness he doesn’t roll all the way onto his back, and so I am not too worried about the harness handle. That, however was a great question, and something to keep in mind. Harness handles aren’t cheep, and I am fortunate to have the type I do. Because of my shoulder, I have a bit of a different kind, and while it works well, I do not want to have to write and ask for another. I might not get it so easily as i did this one.

Finally Campbell and I were making our way back toward the driveway, and were just about ready to start down to the porch, and inside, when all of a sudden, and with not one bit of warning to me, Campbell caught scent of something, and swung into a wide half circle in front of me and to my right. Well, until that moment I’d been holding the leash for the most part in my left hand, but I’d also held it loosely in my right. I, gripped the leash more firmly in my right hand, and delivered a powerful leash correction, and Frim but softly spoken, “PFUI!” Pulling him back round me and onto my lefthand side once again.

However, his quick unexpected movement had thrown me momentarily off balance, and as I regained my footing, I also realized I was starting down the drive at a sharper downhill angle than I’d like considering the slick surface of the drive under foot, and decided I did not want to walk all the way down fron there. I, choked up on the leash just a little. Slightly tightening Campbell’s collar, and taking about 3/4 of the slack in the leash length as I did. Then, healing Campbell close beside me I made my way back down into the yard, keeping the toes of my left foot slightly against the edge of the drive, and slowly edged my way down to the corner post of the porch. Once there I opened my folding cane, which until now had been in my coat pocket, and explored the ground directly in front of me. I saw that I’d reached my desired location, and very carefully gave Campbell just a bit of length in the leash, and angled my body in such a way as to show him I was going to step back onto the drive, and then turn slightly to my right stepping down onto the porch. He caught on quickly, and soon was walking just a tad bit more to my left, and pulling ever so slightly on his harness and leash to show he was guiding me along.

In just a moment we were safely back onto the porch, and Oh! How I did praise and praise my dog. I let him know that I was totally, and ever truly proud of him, and as we went back into the house, I felt quite proud of the both of us yet again.

This was twice in one day that I felt extremely good about our work, and a total of 3 successful snowy sniff feats, so I felt like it had truly been a great day.

I have decided that while we have had a couple really successful times out today, I am not super handler, and so at bed time park we’re simply going to step directly off the porch into the yard, do business and go quick like bunnies (Hop!) into the house again, and call it a night. No need to push our luck.

Until next time this is Patty ad the Successuflly Snowy Sniffing Seeing Eye Dog King Campbell AKA Bubba saying…
May harmony find you and blessid be.



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