Positive Perspective: Stop Think and Act Time, If It’s a Good Idea Today It’ll Be a Good Idea Later On

Positive Perspective: Stop Think and Act Time, If It’s a Good Idea Today It’ll Be a Good Idea Later On

Hi CAMPBELLS WORLD VISITORS!!! Glad yall stopped by. Sorry it’s been a couple days since I wrote something of my own. Sharing posts is great but there’s nothing like writing something of your own.

I’m the only one awake tonight. My Bubba and friend Bobby have gone to sleep. I wish I could say the same for Bobby’s Neighbors. These people don’t seem to realize they’re part of a larger community and cannot seem to act accordingly. Meaning for those that don’t get it, they make too darned much noise! Nonconsiderate people to be sure. I am not at all used to apartment living, and Bobby can sleep through a tornado so there’s no reason to even talk to him about it, he doesn’t hear anything that goes on around him when he is out he is out! Only thing good about that? My insomnia doesn’t bother him. A good pare of headphones, and he’s good. LOL. I’m glad of that. He works hard, gets up early, and not only does he work at his business itself he has much paperwork when he comes home, so I understand when he falls asleep earlier than do I.

NOW! Let us get to the topic at hand. ‘If it’s a good idea today, it’ll be a good idea later on’ Yes, that’s true. If you have come upon a decision that is going to affect the very rest of your life, you’d better take a stop, think, and then act approach. If it is a good idea today, odds are it’ll be a good idea the next day and the next. Make sure it’s what you want. If ou’re considering something that, once decided has a direct baring upon your life, and all that entails, make absolutely sure it is what you want. Don’t just think of the good. Make sure you’re aware of the bad. If there are things that set off alarms, address those. If they can be resolved, to the satisfaction of all, then proceed. With Caution, but proceed. If they cannot be changed or resolved at all, then ask yourself if they truly matter to you, your position in life, the neighborhood and all the universe at large. If the answer is no, you won’t make that much difference either way proceed. If you’re going to make a ripple, think about how big, and to what extent it might affect all around you.

Stop, think, and then act, has stopped allot of decisions from going wrong. No matter what it is make sure you’ve inspected it from all sides.

Until next time this is Patty and the cautious King Campbell Lee AKA Bubba saying…
May harmony find you and blessid be.

The world is not perfect, so I need not be perfect.

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