Positive Perspective: Silent Helper

Positive Perspective: Silent Helper

Hi CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! I’m glad you’ve taken a moment to stop by. I hope, that not only will you Read this Important Post, but that you will Please? Take a moment to Like, Comment, and Share!!! Especially the Share!!! I’m going to take a moment to Recognize someone who is a Very Important Part of campbellsworld.wordpress.com She doesn’t like allot of Horn Tooting, but this Night I cannot be Silent. That, is what she is. She is, my ‘Silent Helper’ Who is this you ask? This is the person who…
* Takes the time to check important posts such as Author Interviews, that I provide for Guest Authors.
* The person who guides my hands when putting out The Neighborhood News
* The person who is helping me with Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye,
* and the person who is helping me give Voice to, Lady Laya MoonWalker, while keeping her just inside the lines of the Straight, and Narrow. With only just a Tad Bit Crooked in between.

This most Awesome, Amazing, Wonderfully Funny, Sweet, and at times when absolutely Necessary Firm Lady is none other than…TADA….! Claire Plaisted, of Plaisted Publishing House http://plaistedpublishinghouse.com/

If you’ve been reading me here on campbellsworld from the beginning, you know that you don’t see her name often. Only if she posts something on my behalf from her Adman Account here do you see her name. Unless that is I share her work, or you’re reading The Neighborhood News, and only then do you see it if you read the Products and Services and Administrative Details and Editor’s Notes at the end. She just is so busy working for me and other awesome clients, she doesn’t have time to talk about herself. So, I’m doing it for her.

I’m not going to gush on and on about her. She wouldn’t appreciate that. If you read my work from here on this blog, and before, you’ll see. If you visit the Website I’ve provided to get to her work, that will show you.

I hope you will take the time to do those things. Hope you’ll sign up to get her blog, and her awesome Newsletter. Hope you’ll look and see how to join her FB group The Indie Publishing News and I hope you’ll let her know that you saw this post, and that you as a CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITOR Enjoy her work!

Until next time this is Patty L. Fletcher Author and Blogger At Large, who would be Forever Lost Without her Friend and Silent Helper Claire Plaisted, and King Campbell Lee Fletcher A.K.A. Bubba Soon to be an Author himself saying…
May Harmony find you, and Blessid Be.

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