Positive Perspective: Sharing Special Days with Altrusa International Inc. And 6 Years!

Positive Perspective: Sharing Special Days with Altrusa International Inc. And 6 Years!



Patty L. Fletcher


King Campbell Lee Fletcher Super Awesome Seeing Eye Dog A.K.A. Bubba

April 2017

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Campbell and I are really glad you’ve stopped by. We’re happiest when we can share a Tail/Tale with others. So, make yourselves comfortable, and, before you go let us know what you think.

All week long I’ve dealt with a, Clingy, Energy Zapping! Annoying, and Exhausting!  Cold/Flu bug. It started coming on around Saturday week ago. I woke, feeling congested, and tired. This has persisted all week, and has to my dismay, progressively gotten worse.

Now, here it is Friday, and I’m feeling no better. Canceled all plans for today. Made myself a Late Afternoon Appointment with a Doctor. We Await a Diagnosis…

Despite the sickness, Campbell and I have Enjoyed an Amazingly Fabulous Week!

Tuesday as you know, he and I marked our 6TH Year Together. We started the Week off on Monday, going out for breakfast at our Favorite Grocer/Deli, at the Food City located on North Eastman Rd. In Kingsport TN.

Now, if you’ve been reading us a while, you know, we’re quite fond of that place. When we have Breakfast, or Lunch there, or Shop, it’s like doing it all with friends.

On Tuesday morning, we made our way over to Johnson Elementary School, for some 1 on 1 reading time with Campbell and students from various classes.

He particularly enjoyed the reading of Old Mc-Donald. The little girl who read it to him, sang/read the book, and her happiness excited Campbell, causing him to wag his tail a bit and wiggle his feet.

If you’ve been following us since before the blog, you know we started reaching out to schools quite literally the day after our last day with Contact Concern. What you might not know is that as with almost every spring, Campbell and I have found a new group with whom to get involved, and so, we   have   Joined, the Kingsport chapter of Altrusa International.

I spoke as their Guest Speaker, some months back, and have Now, decided to Join!

On Tuesday April 4, 2017 Campbell and I celebrated Altrusa’s 100TH Birthday, and our 6TH year together with the fine folks of Kingsport Altrusa.

I got my first Pin. Campbell and I had our pictures made with others from the Club, and a Great Evening was had by all!

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This has all come about just in time too! This very Week-End, we’ll get a chance to Jump right in and Assist with a project that is right up our alley!

See below, and if you don’t agree this is a fine way to begin, I’ll be surprised!

Carousel Project.

Books at The Carousel in Downtown Kingsport

Children 4 – 12 Invited

April 8, 2017


– 3:00 PM

Free Books and Carousel Tokens

To the first 50 Participants

Location: Carousel/Farmer’s Market When: April 8, 2017 Time: 1:00 -3:00 PM

Altrusa is an International organization turning 100 this year. We focus on Literacy and Service in 10 Countries and give more than 1 million hours of service


Happy 100th Birthday Altrusa and City of Kingsport

Isn’t that just the neatest thing ever?


Campbell and I regret to add, that the Doctor has said I should not go out this Week-End. They fear I do indeed have a strain of Flu. King Campbell Lee Super Seeing Eye Dog A.K.A. Bubba and I send our apologies! ☹

We’d looked forward to this…

Never Fear! However, Altrusa is a Busy Bunch, and there are going to be many events this year for the two of us to attend. In the meantime, We Send You Good Wishes as you Ride the Carousel, and take away a Book to Read at the end of your Busy Day!

Until next time this is Puny Patty, and the Ever-Awesome King Campbell saying…

May Harmony Find You! and Blessid Be!


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