Positive Perspective: Saturn’s Day Snowy Sniff Fest

Positive Perspective: Saturn’s Day Snowy Sniff Fest

Good Snowy Saturday Saturn’s Day Morning to you!

So glad yall could stop by and hope you’ve got time to shake off the snow, grab a hot drink, and comfy spot, and sit a spell. Warm up and catch a tale with me. If you like what you read, maybe you’ll let us know. Maybe? You’ll share?

Early this morning around 4 AM which is kind of our usual time, Campbell and I woke with much anticipation. Yes, even Campbell knew something was afoot. Normally after I feed him and set my coffee to brewing, I head to the living room, slip into my shoes, and head quickly outside. This morning however, I took the time to put on boots, gloves, hat, and coat before venturing outside. Campbell being the smart observing dog he is, noticed right away something was different, and if my slight change in routine wasn’t enough, the cold snow filled air certainly confirmed any suspicions he might have had. I got to tell you, his nose went immediately to full power. You could quite literally hear it rev up. As we walked off the porch I felt the muscles in his shoulders engage, and had I not been ready for it, that one slight shift in his stance, and power, would have pulled me off my feet. I, however had anticipated it, because not only could I feel the flakes swirling in the air around me I could smell the snow, and it’s raw cold energy was like electricity all around.

Much as I’d have loved to give him his head, I’d not put his harness on, and did not intend to try to navigate snow until I was fully awake. He was slightly disappointed when I steadied him down by slowly pulling back on the leash, and ever so slightly tightening his collar, and saying, “Steady boy. Steady!” As I turned him into the front yard, but he obeyed without fail. Soon he was done, and I did let him sniff and snuff just a bit under Grandmother Tree for his quick obedient behavior. Then I turned him round, and although he was just a bit reluctant once again he obeyed without fail, and after just a few careful moments we were safely on our porch again, and after finding the trash can and throwing away Campbell’s leavings we made our way happily inside.

As I threw off coat, gloves, hat, and boots, I promised him we’d go back out and play just as soon as I was awake and alive.

True to my word as I am, a few hours later, after a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs, ham and cheese mix, and some fresh strong coffee, I called Campbell to me saying, “Come! Bubba! Let us go on a Saturn’s Day Snowy Sniff Fist!” I tell you he came on the double! He’d been curled up in the big red chair we’d dubbed the Love Chair, for quite a while, but he’d not been fully back to sleep all morning. Campbell is just like a child when it comes to the snow. You can quite literally hear him saying, “Please? Now, can we go out?”

He fairly danced with excitement when I buckled his harness on, and adjusted it to fit good and snug round him. He snorted with obvious delight as I clipped the leash to his collar, and I honestly thought he might float right up off the ground with glee as I opened the front door, and signaled him outside. To say he was happy and excited would simply have been an understatement. As soon as we stepped off the porch me with harness handle in hand, he was all business. He walked slowly and confidently across the snow covered driveway, and into the yard. He carefully made his way with me walking close beside him and just a step behind to his park spot. I let go the handle and made a long leash. He began to sniff snort and snuff. He dug, and snorted, and then he took care of business. I could not help singing to myself, “Hay! Ho! The Eskimos know, please don’t eat the yellow snow.” Laughing as he slowly began walking once he was done. We very carefully began to make our way through the snowy yard, and for once I was glad o give him time to walk slow and sniff. This gave me time to be sure of each step. I did not take his harness handle until we came around the corner of the house, and headed down between the privacy fence to my left, and the house and heat-pumps on my right. Then because I like to walk quickly through there anyhow, and because the ground can be uneven and easy to slide down in snow, I once again took his harness handle in my hand and softly but firmly said, “Campbell Steady, and Hup! Hup!” We slowly but steadily walked passed the heat-pumps and fence with no trouble, and I did not stop working him until we’d walked half way down the edge of my neighbor’s gravel drive, passed the sticker bush on the edge of our property, and turned right back into our own yard.

Then I again gave him his head, and a long leash. He was a happy dog to be sure, and let me know by giving a huge excited wiggly waggly jingly jangly shake, and snort! Then he began digging and sniffing as if he thought there might be buried food treasures under the snow, and just when I thought he might strike oil, he flung himself onto the ground and rolled! I having learned a while back how to run the leash through my fingers when he does such, never lost the leash, and his tangle in it was minimal. He had the time of his life, and I let him. Soon he was back on his feet, and once again hunting a place to park. When he’d finally finished, I knelt in the snow, and scooped up his leavings into a bread bag, and after tying it up and putting on my other glove we were off and snuffing again. I let him continue walking with me just holding the leash until after we passed Grandmother Tree and had stopped to say a proper hello, and then I again took the harness, and gave him the “Forward! And Inside!” Commands. Without delay he obeyed, and just like that we were carefully but steadily making our way through the yard, down the driveway, and back onto the porch safe and well. After again, finding the trash can, and making another deposit, we headed back in.

I stopped at the door, and Campbell sat just inside waiting patiently for me to remove all my winter clothing, and then proceeded to wash my entire face while I leaned over to remove his harness and leash. “You’re quite welcome Baby Bubba!” I laughed, as I straightened up from taking away his clothes. “I enjoyed that too! We’ll do it again in a little while.”

After a big play session, drink of water, and some snuggle time, Campbell found himself a comfy place to curl up, and fell to sleep. He was a satisfied doggy, and it made my heart swell with love and pride for him, to think of how we’d worked together to make that magnificent moment take place.

People have accused me of being rigid with obedience and routine, but it’s moments like those that let me know that hard work Campbell and I did during training, and continue to do each and every day, is paying off in a great and awesome way.

Until next time, this is Patty and the Snowy Snuffing Seeing Eye Dog King Campbell AKA Bubba saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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