Positive Perspective: Pink Muscato Hot Apple Toddy Friday’s Love Spell

Positive Perspective: Pink Muscato Hot Apple Toddy Friday’s Love Spell

Good Happy Friday All! From the Campbell Kingdom! Here we are on a snowy Friday afternoon, just a few days from a full moon, and I don’t know about all the rest of you single ladies, but I’m not looking forward to spending yet another Valentines Day alone. I know…I know… it’s a while away, but for these things to work right, you gotta give them proper time to grow. Just as anything worth having, these things take time. Every now and then you get a quick flash! But most times, anything sweet good and everlasting takes its ever lovin’ time.

Well, today I began what is my first Frozen Full Moon Love Spell. Yes I wrote Frozen. That’s what’s wrong in my love life. Something in the works is frozen up, and I for one am sick…sick…sick…Did I mention Sick…? Of it! What can I do? Change my darned attitude and intention. Starting this moment in time “Right here, and now! Woolf!” I am casting for…

A partner who knows who they are. Who they want, and how to see it happens.

I want no more pussy footing around. No more walkin’ a line. You are or you aint’ mine.

Wants be special friends? That’s OK for now, but don’t say I did not warn you when the love begins. IF you don’t want it to be you, I cannot force you, but when someone else comes along that is real, don’t say I did not warn you.

Want to be more? Give of yourself, and nothing more.

Well, that’s a nice spell, but gotta have a drink to make it come to life. So here we go…

Recipe…***WARNING FYI! Stuff has a kick!***
I don’t know if it’s cause it’s hot and hits faster, or what, but Look! Out!

1 mug (Size of choice) Pink Muscato
1/2 apple cut into small bites. (I bit the pieces sharing the apple with Campbell. Took bites, bit them in half and dropped my half into the cup. Casting for bond.)
Once you’ve the half of apple cut and into the mug of wine, place in Microwave, 1 minute on high, stir briefly, and another minute. Let sit for 2 minutes, then drink. Eat the pieces of apple in the end.

I also added 1/4 stick of cherry flavored hard CandyCane.
Make it like you want it. Change the words, recipe etc. Just draw love…

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