Positive Perspective People Who Changed My Reality P 1: From Campbell’s Calamities

Positive Perspective People Who Changed My Reality P 1: From Campbell’s Calamities

“People Who Changed My Reality”
Patty L. Fletcher
June 16, 2014

The following post comes from a column I wrote for years ago in an online magazine called Really Good Quotes.
I’ve slightly edited, and am sharing here in campbellsworld with you.
The book written of in this post is out, and is available at the site shown at the end of this writing.

I’ve come a long way since the days written of here, but it is because of what is written here that I am able to make, small though it is, a living for myself.

I hope you enjoy this look into my past, and if you do, let me know of it, and maybe, share in some way.
And now, Campbell’s Calamities…

This week, I’m going to talk to you about one of the two people who have really shaped my present reality. His name is Lynn Sorrell, and he’s the Executive Director of CONTACT-CONCERN of Northeast Tennessee, Inc. He’s also a very dear friend of mine.
As I have written before, I began working with Contact-Concern in 2006. When I came to them, I’d been through some really rough times in my not-so-distant past. Due to those rough times, I had spent several years in partial isolation, and as a result of that, I’d lost a lot of my social skills.
One of the many things I had to relearn was effective communication. It would seem that I had forgotten all I had known about manners. I had a horrible habit of not waiting for people to finish what they were saying before I began to talk. I also had a bad habit of talking too much when in a group setting. It wasn’t that I was a rude person by nature; it was simply that for about nine years of my life, I had lived in a place where I couldn’t get out much, and so was not around a lot of people. I had also been working in what was then considered a sheltered work environment. So I had simply lost a lot of skills I’d once taken pride in having.
Lynn saw that I had great potential. So, rather than push me aside because I lacked skills, he began to retrain me. There were several who disagreed with his methods, but I will be forever grateful for the things he has taught me over the years. Without his firm rules and discipline, as well as his patience, love, kindness, and caring, I would never have become the successful person I am today.
He took a chance on me. He knew what so many other wise people know: that taking a chance is okay, because you have a good chance of being right. Because of his determination and refusal to give up on me, I am now a successful member of Contact-Concern’s staff, and I’m living a great life.
I am also writing a book, and that leads me to what else Lynn taught me — or I should say, re-taught me, and that was writing skill. He cautioned me on things like spelling, punctuation, and the length of written messages. Without the wonderful teaching ability of my director, as well as his loving ability to forgive me when I made mistakes, I would never have come as far as I have. I will be forever grateful to him for taking the time to work with me and for understanding why I was and sometimes still am the way I am.
The best pieces of advice he gave to me are written below in the form of quotations. Think about these things as you go through your day, and try them out for yourself.
Until next time, this is Patty and Campbell, signing off from Campbell’s Community.
Next week, Campbell and I will tell you about the other person who truly helped to shape my reality. Campbell will help to tell this tale.
May Harmony Find You, and Blessid Be!
Words of wisdom from Lynn Sorrell:
“Always count to three before speaking to be sure the other person is done.”
“If there are 11 people in a room and you are the only one talking, you’re talking too much.”
“There is a reason we have two ears and one mouth.”
And my favorite:
“Love your neighbor as you would love yourself.”
This last one came to me from him after a long bout of depression had come to a head, and I found myself in the ER in an episode. I had forgotten that I was important, too.
This article was lightly edited by Leonore H. Dvorkin, of Denver, Colorado.
Editor/pPublisher of…
Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life.

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