Positive Perspective: Out of the Dark

Positive Perspective: Out of the Dark

Hi CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! Glad you stopped back by. Was afraid I might have run you off with my sad poem this afternoon. While things are still quite rough, I have found a tiny chink of light, and am climbing slowly back up the side of the cliff I fell off of this afternoon, toward the light once again.

I have to say that my friend Phyllis’s statement of “Better to be overwhelmed than underwhelmed” just aint’ working for me. So I’ve dumped it. I have been struggling with such obstacles of late that all of a sudden I simply could not go one more step. As I said, sometimes the world’s an ugly place, and between all the upset in the world around me, and the current chaos in my own life well…It just got too much.

What am I doing to try and cope? Well, first off I admitted my feelings, confronted them, and allowed myself to cry. I realized I do not have to always smile, and pretend everything is OK when it is not. I realized it is OK to cry, to pound my fists, and to say, Enough all ready! What I also realize is that one must not stay in those dark places when they fall in. We must allow our fears, and tears, and then when the storm has passed, we must pick ourselves up, clean up the Fabre, and rebuild. Am I tired of this? Yes. Can I give up? No. Why? Because the only other alternative is to die, and well, I believe that it is not time for me to do this. Besides, there are a few people who would probably celebrate. Mostly I’m kidding there, but then again who knows? Furthermore, who cares? I do not.

What do I care about? I care about making my house into a home for myself and my pup. Getting myself straightened out, back to work, doing what I love, and getting paid for it.

I am not going to give up. I am not going to let those who would put me down, and belittle me win. I will rise above my challenges, overcome them, and I will go forward with my life, and this magnificent beast will be right there with me.

At this moment I have a spaghetti dinner with garlic bread in the oven, and it is starting to smell good. I have a big sweet dog lying at my feet who loves and depends upon me, and I have a good friend who is going to try and help me get some things sorted out. I also have my brain, when it chooses to work, and I have a few ideas rolling round in there waiting to be born. Am I going to make it? Well, stop back by later on and find out.

For NOW, I’m good, and NOW is all I can do anything about. Until next time, this is Patty, and King Campbell Lee A.K.A. Bubba who loves me all the day all the way saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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