Positive perspective: observations of a maniac dictated

Positive perspective: observations of a maniac dictated

Hi night Al Campbell’s world visitors! I am dictating because I am lying in my bed, and for whatever reason I cannot seem to type as I wish to speak. So I am going to try to say quite literally what it is I want to share with you. If it comes out OK I will post. If not I will delete and try another day… I may at times interject with some typed portions as well. For now, I continue with what’s in my mind.

First of all I would like to thank everyone for reading, liking, sharing, talking about, with me and others what is written here. I am truly! Getting to know you all in a whole new way and, that is what I had hoped for.😉

Since beginning this blog, I’ve wanted to get folks involved. Now, quite suddenly, that has begun to happen, and I am quite glad! When you, the reader voice your thoughts concerning what I write, then I’m able to learn…
What you like, and what you don’t. What you’re comfortable reading, and talking about. Your likes, dislikes, thoughts feelings, and more. I’m learning to write in a more concise way. To say what I mean and mean what I say, and to not have it any other way. 🙂

If only our world was that easily taught, and mastered. While I know we are all works in progress. There are some who are in positions of authority that should not be behaving as they are. Furthermore, if I behaved as such, I’d be locked away. At the very least, I’d be asked to go home. Yet, we’ve elected a man who very obviously has manic tendencies, and for whatever reasons, they’re quite literally out of control. When a man spouts off half baked accusations, and then spends the next week ignoring dialing with reporters etc. concerning his remarks, that’s manic. That’s spouting off uncontrolled, and then hoping people will just forget it and move on. (They never do.) When someone is claiming another is invading their privacy in a way in which they’re abusing their authority, then brushes aside the whole thing. A man who… made firm remarks on such as unemployment and job rate Numbers during the election, who insists now that they’re AOK. WOW! Do you see what I’ve just named? Mania, Impulsive, Disassociated, even a bit parnoyed at times. And…Let us not forget the bouts of OCD. I’m not trying to be insulting. I’m only pointing out the obvious, and let’s not forget bullying, belittling, and dismissing whole entire peoples just because of from where they come.

Does anyone see a problem developing? And, are you being affected in any way by all he has to say? Not to mention all his erratic behavior. I have never seen such behavior in a president. I am dismayed. I am this heartened. I am disgusted. I am, as a single, middle-aged, multiply disabled woman disillusioned, and disconnected from the Man, who leads the country in which I live.😔 never! In my wildest nightmares could I have ever imagined such a hideous behavior as I see unfolding in front of me. Not only do we have a president who shows some very troubling symptoms of mental illness, but also has an obvious disregard for those who are different than he. Persons of different ethnic background, race, religion, other than the mainstream, Low income, disabled, not to mention those Who are from other countries under uncertain circumstances. As if that were not enough, we have a president who is determined to continue a course of action which promotes chaos, miss trust, and undue stress for all persons in America and beyond. Does causing our country to be at great risk.

I am more than, a little bit concerned about my future, the future of my nephew, niece in law, and their children. My own grand children, and our world at large. It is very hard to plan a future while you are watching your present day go to hell in a handbasket.

Sense president Donald Trump has taken office, I have witnessed; Government assistance services cuts such as rule transportation mental health care programs, Government funded work programs such as possibly AmeriCorps Vista, and department of labor and education that is causing undue stress on those of us with special needs who still would like to be productive members of society.

So, no! Mr. president Donald Trump, is not my president. He is simply, and in my opinion, unfortunately, the president of the country in which I live. Never before since I have an old enough to follow, and understand the political goings-on in my country and in other parts of the world as well seen anything like what I am seeing unfolding right in front of me.

I do not really know where to turn, or what to do about my future. If I remain where I currently a.m., and it looks like I am going to, I do not see much chance of my finding employment on a regular basis which I can get to independently and work with some training independently. It makes me very sad to think that to get employment in such a way that I can work as anyone else I might have to move to another portion of this United States troubles me in ways I don’t yet have ability to describe. What have I discovered during all the chaotic Presidential Bull? I have learned…
That I am strong. Capable, and that most persons see me as someone who can stand on her own.
I’m learning new ways to live, which will lead me to a more prosperous lifestyle, thus making me more self sufficient and less a government target of dismissal.

I intend to be successful in my writing, my new Pr work, and all things Books, Blogs, and Online Magazine. Social Media and More!

I still believe in democracy, broken as the current system is. I still believe in positive change and I know that if enough of us truly stood as we say, nothing would be wrong more than the weather, and managing all the people Who could, if were allowed, be wonderful, additions, to this wonderful awesome amazing spectacular fabulous and fantastic world in which we live. I heard president Donald Trump speaking once, he said something to the effect of, and I am paraphrasing here, children everywhere all over the World, look at the same sky. Stand on the same earth. Have hearts, that are all filled with hopes and dreams. They, deserve to be able to have those dreams fulfilled. I just want to say, in my humble opinion his actions do not match his speech. If he truly believed what he says there, he would be trying to help those who are here in this country trying to be productive, he would see those who are making an effort to make their lives better as well as the lives of those who live in the country they are now wanting to be a part of. He would institute programs that would help people get out of the trap of welfare. He would stand for people like me and you who are reading this blog. He would not refer to disabled persons as, “those people “I am sickened when I see the replay of how he mocked that reporter. I am angry that people did not take more of a stand. I blame no one for his being here. There is nothing to do for that. Our system as it is, allowed such. I’d like to know why he is so hell-bent on uncovering election fraud, if he does so, he is liable to get himself on seated. I just don’t understand any of his actions or motives at all.

I am thrilled! To have the ability to write freely and to engage my readers in discussions such as these. I am happy to hear all comments on this subject. I want people to feel free to be themselves. My mission has always been, and continues to be, to blend those lines that separate so many from one another. To find a way to build stronger communities. To spread that connection all over this world. To help bring forth peace, love, tolerance, and acceptance. To allow growth, change, and prosperity for all. We are not the few the proud! We are the many Proud! Strong! And if allowed to be…Successful! Yes, Mr. President, our world was in a mess when you took office. Yes, you’re in a place to “finally do something about it.” For whatever reason you seem unable or unwilling to truly be a president for all. I pray for your soul. I also pray for all the ones you’re destroying.

I want to thank all who have for reading. To say I meant no offense to anyone, but I had to speak how I felt, in the best way I could, and new how.

Until next time this is Patty and King Campbell Lee A.K.A. Bubba saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

The world is not perfect. So, I need not be perfect.

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