Positive Perspective: My Own Personal Reset For 2017

Positive Perspective: My Own Personal Reset For 2017

“I can do nothing for what was. I can only look forward and prepare as best as possible for the future. I can only really do something about what is, and what is, is NOW!”

Hi CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! We’re so very glad yall stopped by! We’re about to burst with happiness! You know? Today is Good News Sunday! And here I am filled to popping with goodness! Why? Did something huge change? Nope! Well… Maybe…? You know what changed? My outlook! My “Perspective” Yes, I’ve been writing about having a “Positive Perspective” but I honestly have still held onto a few things that I truly needed to toss out, and this past week and a half, has enabled me to see this, and to do it.

I am so much further along in my journey than I’d ever been had I not spent this time doing what I have done.

I spent time away from home. Out of my situation. Took a break, had some fun, and learned some things about myself, and my dog that I did not know. I learned something else too. I learned that no matter how hard it is to live here, no matter the financial struggle, or messed up memories caused by my past, no matter all that, every time I leave and come back I know without doubt that this…this home here that I am in this very moment is mine and Campbell’s home, and by all the Gods and Goddesses that are, have been or ever will be I intend to stay right here! I intend to find work. Work that will meet my spiritual, financial, emotional, and physical needs. I am going to become productive in all ways. I am going to work harder than ever before to get and stay as well as I can be, and I am going to work harder than ever before to make things like this blog, and my Online Magazine The Neighborhood News the very best they can be, and I am going to make this home the best it can be. It will be a place where folks want to come and visit. It will be a place of peace joy, and love, and it will truly and completely be mine, and if, I try as hard as I can, and I find it doesn’t work, then and only then will I relent and move.

I am also determined that by the close of 2017 I will be further along on my journey of finding and being with my life long partner. Whomever they may be. I am trusting Goddess to show me this path, and to protect me emotionally and physically as I go.

I am determined that I will be matched with the most magnificent person ever, and that this match will be as good as mine and Campbell’s match is, and I decree this is so!

I am absolutely 100 Percent Determined to make all this I have written be so, and I know that I can be, because I am Goddess and she is me. So mote it be and blessid be!

I hope that all of you will… come along and go with Campbell and me, and let us see what we can be. Yea! Campbell and me!

Until next time this is Patty and the Snoozing Seeing Eye Dog King Campbell AKA Bubba who is ever glad to be home and have sniffed in his yard saying…

May harmony find you, and blessid be.

I’m better than I was yesterday, but I’m not quite et where I want to be.

So far so good!

“Right here! And Now! Woolf!”

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Thanks for reading, and again, Blessid Be.
This post is dedicated to a few people. They’re listed in no particular order of importants below.

My Parents, both Earthly and Heavenly

All the rest of my family especially Daughter Polly, and all grand children, now and any possible future ones

Sisters Mary and Joan
Friends, Mike Tate, Dave Light, Bobby Donald, Janeen Ramsy Smith, Friendship Connection Friends
The Seeing Eye…
Trainer Drew Gibbon Sr. Instructor
And all that team!

Live Long and Prosper All of you mentioned, and beyond!

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