Positive Perspective: Morning Coffee, and Disaster In a Strange Land

Positive Perspective: Morning Coffee, and Disaster In a Strange Land

Good Friday Morning CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS! I hope this day finds you doing well. Here, so far so good. I think? As you know if you’ve been reading a while, I have begun a Positive Perspective Series. The goal of this series is to help me learn to keep a more Positive outlook on things no matter how bad they seem to be, and so far this has been working quite well, but today… Today nearly ruined me.

This morning, things began as they normally do when Campbell and I are visiting here. We woke round 10 of 5 I fed and watered Campbell and started the coffee-pot which I’d set up the night before. I’d known that we’d want coffee when we got up this day, and I hate making it first thing. I am usually the first one out of bed, so it falls to me to do most days, and since I am such a cults in the morning, I thought it might be safer to make it the night before while awake. Being in a strange kitchen being awake helps allot. So, as I leaned on the counter waiting for Campbell to be done, I was relieved to have to do nothing but press a button.

After Campbell and I returned from our morning’s walk, I was more than ready for a nice hot cup of strong coffee. I filled my cup, and set about reading morning social media. I had just about decided that this was going to be an exceptionally fine morning when everything suddenly began to go horribly wrong…wrong…wrong…! Did I happen to mention that things began to go horribly wrong? Well, let me just tell you about it! Damn near ruined my whole Positive Perspective for the entire day.

As I finished reading some of my FB notifications I saw that my cup was just about empty. I sat my things aside, moved Campbell’s head from my lap, and headed to the kitchen for a refill. This, should’ve been easy, right? Wrong! Wrong! And did I mention wrong? As I got my second cup I decided I would refresh the coffee, and so set about the task of adding more grounds, and water. That went off without so much as a spilled drop of water, but when I reached for a paper towel to whisk away a few grounds, all hell broke loose in my wonderfully awesome morning! My hand knocked into the recently filled cup I’d sat on the counter and promptly forgotten. Coffee spilled everywhere! Damn stuff is like blood! A little goes a long way. I was panicking to be sure. I did not want this coffee to go into the floor. Bobby had just mopped and I did not want the floor messed up again. I’d just broken a glass in the bathroom the day before, and I was beginning to think the only thing I could be Positive about was that I was Positively clumsy! I worked frantically to clean up the mess. I soon saw it was going to require a little more work than I’d thought. The coffee, while not having gone into the floor, had run underneath every blessed thing on the counter. Fruit, bread, everything was covered in coffee! I cleaned, and cleaned, and did I mention that I cleaned? After I moved everything off the counter and cleaned up all the coffee, I then had to set about drying off every individual thing on the counter, and putting it back where it went. I do not know if I was successful at getting everything cleaned and back into its place, but were about to find out. Bobby’s alarm has just gone off, and he is making his way into the kitchen…

Well… Come back next time for more adventures from the Visiting Campbell Kingdom. Until next time this is the very clumsy Patty and her steady as a rock King Campbell AKA Bubba saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.


When the world gives you lemons, make yourself a big glass of lemon-aid. When you spill coffee, Clean…clean…clean…and did I mention clean?

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