Positive Perspective: MoonDay Apple Morning magik Here In the Campbell Kingdom

Positive Perspective: MoonDay Apple Morning magik Here In the Campbell Kingdom

Good Awesome MoonDay *Monday* Morning to you, CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! Campbell and I hope this cold morning finds you feeling exceptionally warm and well. Here, it is 15 degrees with no wind. It was frozen still, when Campbell and I went out on our first walk of the day. But, before we get to all that, I want to update folks on a couple things. I’ve gotten a couple reader questions via FB and Gmail, so gotta answer those first.

Q) Where are you in your moving processs?

A) For the moment I am on a waiting list, and while I am awaiting placement I am searching for other options. Options that if can be obtained in such a way as to make it healthy for me spiritually, physically, psychiatrically, and financially to stay, I will do so. If when an apartment becomes available, and things have not evolved in such a way making it possible, then I will take the apartment. I am letting God and Goddess help me to decide. A decision made in haste, cannot be undone at leisure.

Q) Why?

A) Because I love my home. Because even if I move what happened to me will still be so, and unless I fix me, moving won’t help.

Because I love the house, and because I struggled hard and have been here 6 years, and because once I walk away there’s no going back.

I will make a rational informed responsible decision, guided by prayer, and wisdom given to me by spirit. Spirit provides all things if we allow. It will work out. It has no choice, something will happen. That’s what my nephew Aaron always says, and he is right.

He says it isn’t always what we want, or quite how we think it will be, but it will be. I say I have allot of control over what happens, God and Goddess will give me choices, and I’ll do the right thing for the time it is when it comes along. I AM IN THE NOW!

This morning which for Campbell and me started at around 12:30 AM due to our having had yet another Rip VanWinkle episode, enjoyed a breakfast of, Kibble for him, and cheese and apple for me. Now, Campbell and I always share apples, so this morning was no different. I, always bit off the pieces, and half them with my teeth before giving a small piece of each bit to Campbell. I have him sit, then down, and then rest. He takes the bites of apple from the down position until I release him. Then after I have he gets up and sits in front of me. This morning he however decided that he was quite comfortable lying at my feet, could reach all he needed, and did not get up when I released him. Rather he lay there, and did not move even while I chanted prayers in between bites. His obedience increases each day we do this together.

Once we were done, and I was all wrapped up into my coat gloves, hat and boots, and Campbell in his harness we were ready to go. We burst forth into the frigid air and both of us took a huge breath, and let it out in a big puff of foggy steam as we went. I could hear movement from the house upstairs, and knew I was not the only up and hoped, I was not the only enjoying this most awesome morning.

As we walked, taking our time through the frozen yard, Campbell sniffed and snuffed, but he did not bother to dig. It was as if he understood it would be an act of futility. The ground was simply frozen solid, and although it crunched and gave underfoot, making it OK to walk on, digging would’ve resulted in nothing more than a few claw marks, and a frustrated dog, and his knowing that was quite obvious.

As we walked, I breathed deeply of the clean clear air. The morning was completely quiet and still. I could not even hear the morning noises of factory and train that were usually present. I figured maybe the weather had things closed off a bit, and trains slowed down for the moment. For the quiet I was ever thankful, and as we passed Grandmother tree some minutes later I gave silent thanks for it being so.

As is my way I reached out and touched her trunk as I passed, and we shared a brief good morning greeting. Yes, ladies and gentlemen she speaks to me. She is alive, and though sleeping, she is still much aware, as is all nature.

Campbell was more than enjoying the mix of work and play, and as I worked him through a particularly uneven spot in the yard which had frozen and become quite slick, I praised and praised him for his careful work, after having just been momentarily interrupted from his sniffing. His way of turning it on or off, according to the placement of my hand on the handle, or just when holding the leash was amazing to me. I might or might not have this with my next dog. My personal belief is that they can all achieve it, but not having worked another I don’t know. I know they certainly all have their abilities. Rowdy Dog with leash and cane could’ve done what Campbell and I do, and before he left us, Rocky Dog was learning to as well. For NOW! I’m enjoying Campbell’s abilities. They allow me to get out and be active even if it is only in our own yard.

Once back inside a few minutes later, as I removed his harness, and leash, Campbell washed my face, and banged his tail happily against the door. “Thanks Mom!” Was what his doggy language said to me. I petted and hugged him and replied, “You’re quite welcome. I enjoyed it!”

Now, he is sleeping, and I am enjoying some freshly brewed coffee. I hope everyone enjoys their day, and that you remember, only you can make it that way.

Until next time, this is Patty, and the Magickal King Campbell AKA Bubba saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.


Thank you Goddess for the rising sun.
Thank you that, before this day is even done, all our needs, wants, and desires, they will be met.
Thanks to you for what we have, and have not yet.
Thank you that when this day is all through, I’ll have been able and allowed, to serve you.
So Mote It Be, and Blessid Be.

The world is not perfect, I need not be perfect.


I AM Striving to…

Be impeccable with your word.
Don’t take anything personally.
Don’t assume anything.
Always do your best.


I know that I AM alive because I can look behind me and see the wreckage of my life.

In honor of Goddess Dianna

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