Positive Perspective: Life, Laughter, Love

Positive Perspective: Life, Laughter, Love

Good evening CAMPBELLSWORLDS VISITORS!!! Well, looks like maybe it won’t be as big of a snow scare as we thought, or maybe it just hasn’t gotten here yet, but either way, if you’ve been hanging out round here today, you know we’ve had ourselves a pretty good day here.

Well, just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get any better, darned if Campbell didn’t surprise me.

Now let me just start by saying to all you new dog handlers, who have not had a dog before, something I’ve learned over these past six years, if you don’t want a end up doing it every day without fail, don’t start it. At least that’s how it’s been for me. You see, Campbell and i have a thing we do every night after our mid evening park time. I don’t know when or how it got started, but somehow it came to be that after our walk this time of night, (around 7 PM) when we come back inside, we do a little Wigga Woo, a little tug or fetch, and then Campbell gets his pries stuffy Mr. Knots that we got during one of our trips to Knoxville, and get into his bed, and I would get in the bed with him. Tonight after we’d walked, done the Wigga Woo, and a big of tug and squeak with Mr. Knotts himself, Campbell took the stuffy and went to his bed, and as I started to walk away he reached out his paw and laid it on my foot. He was saying in his best doggy language, “Nope! Not this time, no you don’t. You get back here right here, and Now! Woolf!” I stood for a moment trying to figure a safe way to get into the floor, and then it came to me. I took Claud the Quad, and stood him about arm’s length away. Then I slowly began to squat but only bending my left leg. The right one, I slowly stretched out straight, and as I went slowly down to the flooor I straightened the leg out slightly behind me, and then lie flat down on my stomach, stretching both legs out. After a moment I found there was very little discomfort, and any there was, was quickly lapped away by Campbell’s over-sized tongue. He enthusiastically licked my entire face, hair, arms, and each hand one by one, making certain to clean each and every finger in turn. We wrestled and loved together, and although I had to be a little mindful of my bad knee, it was most awesome!

I felt happy and free of all fears, worries, and tears. My heart felt full to bursting with love. In fact at one point it nearly overwhelmed me, just how much love was flowing back and forth between the two of us. As I sat up a few minutes later, with my hair flowing all around me, and Campbell lying half upside down in my lap, I felt the most content and happy I’d felt thus far during this or any other day that he and I have had together. I just continue to be amazed how the love and bond that is between us continues to grow.

As I carefully extracted myself from the floor sometime later, using Claud, and the near-by table to get up by, I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather have been doing at that moment in time. It had been so, so worth the effort it had taken to get into the floor to play and love with Campbell. I knew as I slowly made my way into the kitchen for a snack that no where on earth or anywhere else in the universe would I get such love as that, and as I settled myself a bit later after rehashing my face, and brushing my hair I said, “I am by far the most blessid woman in the entire world. No! In the entire universe!”

NOW! As I write this to you I don’t know if I am at all doing this justice. I do not know if you can see us collapse together in laughter and love. Don’t know if you can feel the warmth that flows between us like a real live heat source coming from the very center of the earth. Have no idea if you can hear the laughter that comes from deep within me or the happy sounds that he makes as he places his big mouth round my arm, and drips slobbers everywhere.

All I know is that I can hear, and feel all that, and it is most wondrous. Most awesome. Most amazing. Most magnificent. Most magickal!

IF you have felt such wondrous feelings as what I’ve described here, let me know. IF you were able to feel what I felt, hear what I heard, and know what I knew, and still know, let me know.

Until next time this is the blissfully happy Patty, and her ever faithful King Campbell AKA Bubba AKA Love Bug AKA My All saying…
Live…Laugh…Love…May harmony find you, and blessid be.

Live Laugh Love

I’m not putting a bunch of tags and categories tonight. Rather, I’d love to see your responses. What words come to mind when you read this post?


  1. The word that comes to mind is “perfect”. You perfectly described what I’d call perfect bliss.

    1. Awesome! That is what I thought.

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