Positive Perspective: Knowing Who I Was, Who I Am and Who I Never Ever Want To Be Again

Positive Perspective: Knowing Who I Was, Who I Am and Who I Never Ever Want To Be Again

Good awesome Sunday morning everyone! Campbell and I real glad you stopped by. It has been a really busy Sunday morning here in the Campbell Kingdom, and probably gonna get busier as the day goes by. I’m participating in a couple FB events, and hope you’ll go check out my FB timeline to learn all about them. I’ve shared them all up there, and could use a bit of help promoting them. To promote them helps me and others like me who are self published authors, trying to make it in a very rough world.

What does this have to do with today’s post? Well, lots. First off, I used to be the kind of person who, rather than making their own life, finding things of their own to do, always depended upon the activities and involvement of others to make her happy. Well, one day I found myself sitting all alone. Why? Because I’d gotten to the point that I was… obsessive, clingy, and just downright invasive to other’s space. Yes, having friends and family around is great. We all are built to have others in our lives, but when we get to a point where we absolutely cannot be happy spending time with ourselves at all, and absolutely must have others to make us happy it becomes unhealthy and to put it bluntly quite annoying to others around us.

We all know that for a time I became unhealthily fixated on someone. For a time I became someone I did not even know and like. I do not ever, ever ever, and did I happen to mention ever? Want to be that person again. I have done this before in my life, but never to the extent to which I did this past episode.

I, however have overcome allot of this, and am working very hard to carry myself, and my work into a whole new level.

So having things of my own such as my writing to keep me busy is a real joy. I had to discover myself, and I had to be hurt in the process. I do not wish this for others, and so this is one of the reasons I write. I write about who I have been. Who I am NOW and who I wish to be in the future.

I’ve occurred some pretty bad loss over the years because of who I used to be, but in the end, the learning process that has taken place is something I have come to realize I couldn’t have done without, and because of it I am way way happier today than ever before.

I’ve been a pretty dark angry and bitter person over the years, but I dumped that old bitch for a brand new girl, and I like her fine!

Yeah I got a bit of the old fire in me, but I have redirected that flame to burn away all the negativity in my life, and to use to fuel my desire to succeed in a whole new and positive way. Thus this Positive Perspective series here on this very blog.

I know there are followers here who have seen me through these horrifying dark angry times, and to you I say a big huge thanks for sticking with me, and believing in me when I did not have the ability to love and believe in me.

I hope some of you might share your experiences concerning all of this, and for NOW I say great to see you, but got to run. Got an event to be in shortly and must walk the King before it begins.

Until next time this is King Campbell A.K.A Bubba Lee best thing ever to happen to Patty saying…
Keep’em straight, and keep’em busy, and…May harmony find you blessid be.

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  1. Congratulations, Patty! You’ve come a long way and so have I. In a way, we’ve travelled together for the past couple years.. It has been a joy! Penny

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