Positive Perspective: King Campbell A.K.A. Bubba and Me (6 Years)

Positive Perspective: King Campbell A.K.A. Bubba and Me (6 Years)

Hi to CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! And Readers Everywhere! I’m so very Happy that you’ve stopped by this day! I cannot believe that another April has arrived! It seems like just yesterday that I was writing a similar posting, AWW! But how time does fly! This month, April 4TH to be exact, makes 6 years that Campbell and I have been Together. Like I say, it seems as though it were just a day or so ago, that I was packing my suit-case and heading off to that Ancient Magical Land The Seeing Eye. If you’ve read my book, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life, you know that on April 2ND 2011 I made the Journey from Kingsport Tennessee to Morristown New Jersey to get a Dog Guide. I have to say, I got allot more than I expected. That is For Sure. When I arrived at The Seeing Eye I was but a shell of the “Young Lady” you see before you this day. I had no idea, what so ever what I was capable of, and had anyone told me of all the Wonderful, Terrible, Magnificent Adventures, and Experiences I would have I’d have probably run Screaming in Terror! Thank the Goddess I did not know, because I’d have missed out on some most awesome things.

If you’ve read my book you know that it is much more than just a story of a 31 year White Cane Traveler learning to get, and coming home with a Dog Guide from The Seeing Eye. You know that it tells the horrifying, story of my realization that I was living in a Domestic Violence Relationship. You know that it touches on the Topics of Bipolar and what that can do to a person during Training and Beyond, and that it also talks of Fibromialgia and what that is like for a Dog Guide Handler Owner, and those working with them. You know that I have made some missteps along my way, and although I did not go into great detail then, if you’ve continued to read me here on campbellsworld you know that I made a real mess of what was and should have remained a wonderfully Healthy Instructor/Student working/Friendly Relationship. It is my hope to one day Sooth those hurts, but I, with King Campbell’s Love finally found the strength to put those things firmly behind me, and We Together are moving into the next phase of our Journey.

So, it is with this anniversary that King Campbell A.K.A Bubba has decided I need not be the only author of the Campbell Kingdom. He has given his permission for me to tell you that soon Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye will be published as a real book. It is with great excitement that we announce this to you. King Campbell will tell the Tail of what it was like for him growing up, and becoming a Seeing Eye Dog. We hope you will also continue along with us here on the blog in campbellsworld to see what else we may be.

Until next time this is King Campbell A.K.A. Bubba and his Mistress Patty saying…
May Harmony Find You, and Blessid May You Be.

PS. We would also like to invite and Encourage you to visit http://TheSeeingEye.org/
If you do, and you’re so moved to Donate to this Most Magnificent Ancient Magical Land we’d like to ask that you do so in the name of, King Campbell Lee Fletcher. We would be ever grateful if you’d do so.
Again we say to you, Blessid Be.

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