Positive Perspective: In the Spirit of Giving, So Do We Heal

Positive Perspective: In the Spirit of Giving, So Do We Heal

Good Awesome Afternoon! CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!!
This day just keeps getting better, and better! Actually I wanted to write, ‘Awesomer’ but I was afraid the grammar police might come carry me away! LOL! πŸ˜‰

Yesterday I received a package in the mail from my big sister Joan. She’d written sometime back to say she was sending me a couple new outfits, and we’d had a brief discussion about how she could send them, so I’d be assured to have them matched.

Today, I decided, even though I was going no place, I wanted to wear one. So, I went and picked one out, and put it on.

WOW! Shazam! It was like getting a hug from her. I could quite literally feel the love with which she’d gotten and sent those clothes.

Several people who came by complemented me on how nicely they fit, and the entire experience seriously brightened my day.

Later on, I’ll have pictures, and will have them added here in this post. My great-niece was down earlier, but we got busy doing other things, and I forgot to have her take a photo. In fact I think I was so overwhelmed with how good the new clothes made me feel, that may be another reason I forgot.

This experience has made me realize, that the intent we have when we do something for someone else, makes all the difference in the world, and it is now my goal to pay-forward this wonderful feeling I have this day.

I send this forth to you, and hope the love I feel wrapped in shines through.
I hope you find happyness, all the day through, and that you’ll make certain others feel it from you too.

Blessid be yall!

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