Positive Perspective: I Do Not Do Me Syndrome!

Positive Perspective: I Do Not Do Me Syndrome!

Good afternoon CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS! I’m real glad yall dropped by this afternoon. I have to tell you right now, I’m really having to dig deep this afternoon to keep a decent positive perspective. A moment or two ago I lost my cool a bit and made the statement, “If you’re wondering where my positive perspective went, let me inform you. I’m positive the world’s going to hell in a hand basket” There was more, but I don’t want to run off all my followers at one time so I’ll skip the rest. 🙂

What led to my outburst? Well, that I’m going to talk about a bit.

As you who read me regularly know, I’ve been dealing with a hurt knee for a while now. I had a fall end of January and I’m not even close to recovering. First one thing then another has happened, and I have not even managed to get an MRI done yet. During this ordeal I have learned some things. Some good, and some not.

We’ll start with the good. I have learned that…
* I have some really good friends, and that although my circle is small, I do have one.
* I have learned that there are allot of things Campbell and I are capable of, that I never dreamed we could do.
* I have learned that one can truly take a whole lot more physical pain than I ever believed possible, and truth of the matter, as I’m writing to you the pain I am in is extreme.

What have I learned that is not good…?

* Some only talk out their nose when they say, “Call if you need anything.” As I’ve been going through this it has gotten so some folks don’t even bother to answer their phones or texts for me anymore.
* I learned when calling Adult Protective Services to try and get a worker to come to my house to see about getting some in home help while going through this, that I cannot make a claim for myself.
* I have learned that people will at times, walk right passed you as if you are invisible and you sitting on the ground after having taken a fall, wwhile your guide dog sits beside you trying to figure out how to help, and your quad cane lies out of reach.

How am I possibly staying positive during all this? It aint’ easy folks. Let me just tell you. Life sucks sometimes, and right at this moment it sucks pretty bad. I, however simply refuse to allow myself to get in a bad rut because so many seem to have what I have dubbed, “Me Syndrome” Seems to be every bit as contagious as the flu. People say sweet things like, “Oh! You’re amazing” “I don’t see how you do so well” “I’m happy to help any time” and all manner of bull shit, but when push comes to shove, there are a whole lot of crappy lying people in the world who give not one rat’s ass for another. Sorry guys that’s just how it is.

What do I plan to do? Well, what can I do? I plan to keep going. I plan to continue doing the best I can. Each day I get up manage to get a cup of tea or coffee, make a bit of breakfast, get Campbel out to do his business, and fed, is a day I’m glad to be alive, and grateful for that small ability.

My floors are nasty. I have not been able to sweep or vacuum since this began. I have not been able to clean my tub or toilet since the fall that put me in this shape. I barely can wash dieshes, and keep the clothes washed, and today of all things the hot water heater went out and I found myself heating water for a bath, and dishes too. It took me from 5 AM until 1 PM to get Campbell fed walked, and groomed, myself fed, bathed, and dressed, dishes washed, and counters wiped off. I managed it though, and as I sit typing to you now, we’ve had our dinner, and he was walked by my dad who just dropped by to bring some frozen dinners to me. He has just recovered from heart bypass, and he too had a hard time getting help when he needed it.

I do not understand what happened to the days when you had neighbors who would check on you when you had troubles. Mine see me hobbling round on this cane, and not one has offered so much as to take my dog for a walk, bring a casserole, or even so much as stopped to ask how I hurt myself. It is as if folks are wrapped up into a shield, and woe be unto anyone who invades their space.

I do not belong to a church, but the folks who bring my Meals On Wheels come from churches, and not one of them have asked, if I needed anything. I belong to a “Peer support center” but only one person from that center has even made an attempt to assist, and she has troubles of her own. I tell you I am just really dissolutions with what our country has become, but what this has done is show me that when I get well, I have to get myself out and about and start looking for people in need, and help them.

I used to work for a helpline hotline, and the other day I called that number, and reached their recording. I left a message asking for someone to call back with a phone number I could not find that I knew they had, and never once did anyone from there call. 9 years I gave to that organization both as a volunteer and staff, and hey could not call me back with a referral. Sad but true. Ladies and gents, if you’re not going to mean it when you tell someone to call on you when they need you please do not say it at all. It is hurtful, and very dis-heartening when it happens. It causes a person to think hard and long about giving up, and sometimes when the pain is bad, and it is 2 AM and I can get no relief that goes through my mind. Then I reach out my hand, and there beside me is my Bubba, and I know I can so too go one more day.

This post is not me having a pity party. This post is me saying, “say what you mean, and mean what you say.” Don’t just pay lip service to someone. Don’t let your political issues get in the way of your decency and when you see someone sitting on the ground needing a hand,don’t just walk the other way.

Well, that about wraps up this afternoon’s rant, until next time this is Patty and her ever faithful friend King Campbell A.K.A. Bubba who will never walk the other way saying…
Lend a hand when you can, cause you never know when you might need one. May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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