Positive Perspective: I Am Successful! Persistency Is the Key To Life

Positive Perspective: I Am Successful! Persistency Is the Key To Life

I have got some great news, and I just got to shout! It to the roof-tops, and beyond!!!

I! Am! Successful!
I learned, that my prescription assistance coverage kicked in, and my medications are now, something I can afford.

I learned that, in the month of June, I made an actual profit on my writing work, Not just breaking even, or falling behind, as so many months before.

I learned, that my heart-rate was 65 with me sitting still, and went up to a proper 80 beats per minute while I walked as is normal.

I learned, that if I keep at it, the things I want will come to be.

I’ve many more things to work toward, but these things I’ve listed are huge, and I’m way proud.

This speaks volumes to, never give up. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again, and all that.

I learned something else, sometimes I can’t means I won’t. It seems to me, as I look over some of what I’ve come through, that a lot of what I am successful with now, could’ve been so long back, if only I’d have gotten with the program.

Maybe I got miles to go before I sleep, but as it is said, “We never get it done, we never get it right. If we’re lucky, we just get it.”

I’m happy in this NOW! And encourage all who feel they’ve no end in sight to their ongoing issues, to hang in there, and work…work…work… harder than ever before.

Vent, rant, moan, and groan when you need to, but don’t ever stop! To stop is to die without a continuing!!!

I will continue long after I’ve left this world, but last night before I went to bed, I prayed and said, “Mother Father God, I’m not ready to leave this world, and this body. I got things to do yet, and I am believing you’ll allow me to stay and give me safe passage throughout the continuation of this life.”

This day, it is so! I decree I am healing, and that at the end of this 30 day loop heart monitor we are going to find that my heart-rate is fine, and that Slow and Steady, are gonna win this life’s race.

Love, and light to all who continue with me along this journey, new comers, and old friends alike.

Have a great awesome super day!

Until next time, this is Super Awesome Amazing King Campbell Lee, A.K.A Bubba, and his ever continuing mistress, Patty, saying…
Getter Done! May harmony find you, and blessid be.

“I know that I’m alive, because I can look behind me, and see the wreckage of my life.”



  1. What an awesome and encouraging post! Congrats on all the great successes!! 🙂

    1. May I share this comment? I’m trying to get through to a fellow author’s head that his negativity is driving people away!

      1. Oh yes, please do 🙂

        1. Cool Deal!

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