Positive Perspective: HospitalVHome, and the Challenges I Face

Positive Perspective: HospitalVHome, and the Challenges I Face

Hi, and good Sunday evening, from here in the Campbell Kingdom. Campbell, and I are glad you’ve stopped in to have a peek at what we’re up to. We’re always glad to know when you’ve stopped by, so be sure and let us know. Thanks for reading, and now, our tail)tale.

Being home these last few days has been challenging. While we’re both really glad to be here, doing so has been, at times, hard, to say, the least.

Firstly, there is maintaining. Keeping up with meds, meals, and messes, has taken much of my strength. I never gave thought to having to keep up with all that on my own. Really didn’t realize just how much was being done for me.

The first thing I learned was that, if I did not keep up meals, I could not, keep up with the rest. So, the first order of business was securing the right kinds of food. I got together with, Nice Michelle, and sent her to the grocery, with a list of, ‘Quick Fix’ meals.

Once food was on bored, I began to concentrate, on keeping things cleaned up. ‘Clean As You Go’ took on a whole new meaning. I couldn’t just give a lick, and promise. I needed to watch for infection. It was suggested by one of the more detailed nurses, I liked, that I make a spray bottle of bleach water, and spray, down, and wipe daily. I thought this was a good idea, but did not realize just how may surfaces there are in the house, I touch.

Counters, toilet and tub, just to name a few. For sure, don’t forget, door-handles. LOL! Keeps me a bit busy, let me just tell you.

Then there’s laundry. I don’t want to let it pile up, and take a chance on mildew, or souring towels, in this heat, so washing every other day has become a way of life.

Making sure all this is done, plus walking feeding, and playing with Campbell, well, all this is way harder, than I thought it would be.

Just today, I’ve come to realize I have, what is quickly turning into a major ordeal. As those who follow me regularly, on Social Media, know I’ve been battling a sinus infection, which started before I left Asbury Place Kingsport. On Friday, the nurse who was here, saw that the glands in my neck were swollen once again, and that I am also suffering from more congestion. She, called it into the doctor’s office, but neither she, nor I, have had any result from our calls.

When she did not get a response by Saturday, I called in and left a message too.

Now, here it is Sunday evening, and still no antibiotic on bored for treatment.

Dealing with all this, plus working toward getting Bubba Tails off the ground, I, at times, feel just a tad bit overwhelmed. My friend Phyllis, says, “Better to be overwhelmed, than under.” I just gotta say, Jurry’s still out on that one.

I suppose, I’m glad to be alive to have all this going on, and that old saying of, “I know I’m alive, because I can look behind me, and see the wreckage of my life” is true, but just for tonight, I am going to decree…
“All is well! All is Well! And All manner of things are Well.”

* Healed from my sickness
I Am Strong
I rebuke negativity
I sing a Healing Song.

Thanks for reading, thanks for the Prayer, and Blessid Be.


  1. Patty, have you thought about looking into services that can help you with meal preparation, laundry and other tasks? Here in Sheridan, Wyoming, the senior center provides such services. A gal from the Help at Home program comes once a week and cleans and runs errands for me. When my late husband Bill was alive and partially paralyzed by two strokes, an aide gave him showers three times a week. There’s also a program that delivers one hot meal daily. Fees are charged according to your annual income, so they’re affordable. I’ll bet Kingsport has a senior center with such services so highly recommend checking that out. You shouldn’t have to do these chores on your own.

    1. I’m on the waiting list. This waiting list is comprised of 2000 persons, and we’re all in priority groups. I’m about mid-way on the list.

      Nursing and PT are all I have on bored right now.

      1. That’s too bad. I hope you can be moved to the top of the list soon. Of course by the time your name does come up, you probably won’t need help anymore. That’s the irony of bureaucracy. Good luck.

        1. I’ll always want some of what they offer. I’d like to have someone a couple hours a week to help with tasks that are hard for me. There will always be some ongoing issue now.

          So, I’m hopeful. In the meantime, I’m killing time writing silly stuff.

  2. Campbell and I have branched out a bit. Below is what we’ve done this day. Campbell was way pleased, proud, and wagged Big! Big! Upon returning back…

    Campbell and I have been home for near onto a week now, and I haven’t done a thing with physical therapy because other than an evaluation, they haven’t been here to do anything with.

    Other than doing a few leg lifts, and stretches, and walking Campbell out in the yard, I’ve not challenged myself.

    “OK” I said to myself, “Time to get off ass and do something.

    So, I took my big dog, and put him in his big boy clothes, (Harness) and off we went. Didn’t get far, but did go across one street, and all the way to end of that next side walk. Didn’t go any further, knew I had to get home, but we did it!

    I cried with joyful pride when we got to the other end of that walk, and again with pride, and some relief when we got back home.

    Campbell seemed to know we’d done something way cool, and important. He wasn’t upset that we did not ride the bus that stopped to see if we wanted on, and he did not get annoyed when we had no destination other than for him to park along the way.

    He was just pleased as punch to be helping me.

    I don’t know who Punch is, or why they’re pleased, but Campbell’s tail was going a-mile-a-minute, and he washed my face hugely when I leaned down to take off his harness.

    Love my boy!

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