Positive Perspective: Healing! Right Here and Now!

Positive Perspective: Healing! Right Here and Now!

Good awesome morning to all!
King Campbell and I hope this day finds you feeling super great! I am, as I write, feeling quite a bit better. So, to you, who are praying, thanks much, and keep it up! It’s working.

As you all know, I’ve been sick for quite a while.

You may or may not know, I’ve had some issue with my heart.

Two weeks back, I was at the doctor’s office, had some sort of event, was very sick with an infection, and was re-admitted for 24 hours, into the Observation Unit, and tested for heart issues.

I did a Stress Test, and an Echo Cardio Gram, and at that time, nothing was found.

I was happily released, sent home with antibiotics, and told to continue onward, with my current treatment plan of recovery concerning my earlier illness.

Then, on Friday before this past, I saw the doctor as a follow-up, and during the exam, he found some things that bothered him.

1. A fluttering in the right side of my heart.
And 2. After some looking back into months gone by in my chart, he found, that I did indeed have a pattern of low heart-rate, and the 2 things together concerned him enough, that I was cent over to the Wellmont Heart Center, for what is called a 30-day-loop-event-heart-monitor.

I am currently, wearing said heart monitor, and am doing OK with it.

I, however, continue to develope symptoms. Yesterday, I had fever, upset stomach, swelling in my legs, and a rash.

I have to tell you, yesterday was a rough day, and, I let fear get hold of me quite badly. I lost my focus, let my imagination run wild about what could be wrong, and worked myself into quite a panic. Which, I might add, helped not one bit.

Last evening, before bed, I did 3 things.

First, I took some time to have a serious talk with Mother Father God. I decreed that I was not, at all, ready to leave this world. I rebuked, the sickness, and declared, I would be well.

Then, I fixed my bed, so I could lie, with my feet higher than my heart, put Campbell in bed with me, and told myself I would be safe in God/Goddess’s hands, and went to sleep.

This morning when I woke, I realized 2 things.

1. I was having an alerting reaction to the patches used to connect the heart monitor to me, and 2. That I’d most likely had a stomach bug, which had caused the upset tummy.

So, first thing, I did was give thanks that I’d lived through the night, and then I disconnected the heart monitor, as I’d been shown to do, took myself a long shower, washed, all that glue off, and changed out my patches for the other kind.

I’d forgotten that the lady who assisted me with the monitor had given me a different kind, in case I had a reaction, and in my fearful state yesterday, had given the fact that I could very well be having a reaction to them no thought.

I have to say, the relief from all the itching has been almost immediate. I’m not covered with that nasty glue stuff, and that, at least feels much better.

As I was doing all this, it also came to me, that the rash I had found on the side of my face, and behind my ear, was the same as what had developed on my chest, and realized I must’ve scratched an itch while changing patches yesterday, and gotten that glue junk back there.

The rash is going away, so I’m thinking all that is correct.

The swelling in my legs is not as much, but it is, still there. It is centralized on my right side. That is the side the fluttering is heard on, so whatever is wrong is in that side of my heart.

Knowing all this, while I showered, I did some serious healing chants, prayer, and meditation, and as I finished, I decreed that I would be healed.

I believe in the power of healing pchanting, prayer, and meditation. Have seen it work before, and have decided to return to what I know.

During the past few months, I’d gotten away from some of the things I was doing daily, and believe that is the cause of some of my issue.

I know there is something wrong. I can feel that, but I have my focus back, have shoved the fear off to the corner where it belongs, and have regained my faith.

I now, feel as in control of the situation that I can be, and am determined to have some serious conversation with my doctor this week.

I’m to call first thing in the morning for a work-in appointment, and I am determined that this very week, we will find answers, the solutions will be simple, and I am going to be healed from this issue.

I also know that there is work I have to do. I have been given a calling. I know that I must write about all that I’ve gone through, as a disAbled patient, and that the testimony of my faith, as well as what I’ve been through, will help to make a better path-way of healing for all disAbled persons everywhere.

I also believe that there is someone working within Holston Valley Hospital, that needs me in some way, and I have been asked to be shown this, and allowed to assist.

I have asked for protection from all illness while I find this person, and have asked for clarity, as to what the need is, and to be shown how I am to help.

I’m truly blessed for having had this trial, as well as all the others over these 6-months, but I have to say, I’m quite tired of all the sicknesses, and have decreed, in the name of God, and Goddess, There! Shall! Be! No!More!

I have decreed, myself HEALED!!!

I am amazed that it has, quite literally been 6 whole months that I have dealt with one illness after another, starting with my knee injury in January, and coming to present day with this heart issue.

I have had quite enough, have spent half a year dealing with this, have said no more, and decreed, I be allowed to go onto the next portion of my journey, which is the healing, and growing portion.

I know that it will be awesome, and that I’ll be even further along in my Spiritual Walk, for having gone through all, I have, and will, and while I’m rather exhausted by the entire thing thus far, I am also proud, that Mother Father God have chosen me to walk this road.

I invite, and encourage you to go with Campbell and me, through this continuing process, and say again, that your support has been incredible.

Campbell, has, and continues to play a large part in all, and he is the most wondrous dog I’ve ever owned handled, and known.

Our bond is stronger than ever, and I continue to be amazed.

I bid all an awesome super great day, and invite you back, real soon.

For now, this is King Campbell Lee, A.K.A. Bubba, and his mistress Patty A.K.A Lady MoonWalker saying…
May harmony find you, thanks for the prayers, and well wishes, and blessid be.


The links above are from organizations that have helped me and continue to help me along my way.

I ask you visit and donate as you are called.

Again, blessid be.

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