Positive Perspective: Happy! Whacky! Woden’s! Day! And Team Rock Steady

Positive Perspective: Happy! Whacky! Woden’s! Day! And Team Rock Steady

Good morning CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! And Welcome! I hope this day, or night, depending on where you are in the world, has you feeling wondrously well.
Here in the Campbell Kingdom, I am dealing with Screaming Muscles that haven’t spoken since my “Bootcamp For Blind People” days at The Seeing Eye http://TheSeeingEye.org/
What did I do to cause such? Well, settle in with a cup of coffee, CoCo or your favorite brew, and I’ll tell the tale.

Yesterday morning I woke feeling exceptionally good. Nothing much hurting. Knee doing so well, I kept running off and leaving Claud the Quad sitting all over the house, and so I decided I’d go out and run my morning errands, and have breakfast at my fave deli hang out at Food City
Under normal circumstance this would be no buggy what so ever. Just harness up my dog, and head out the four streets to bus three, and away we’d go! However, since I still don’t know what’s wrong with the knee, and because I did not want to totally undo all the magickal magnificently wonderful healing I’ve done I decided to walk two streets, catch bus five, transfer at Wally World a transfer point used by KATS http://KingsportAreaTransit.com/
Now I have to tell you these guys that run that bus company are the most awesome, amazingly helpful and kind filled on the planet. I love riding with them, mass or door to door the experience is always top notch!
So, as I made my way on board, the first thing I found was that we had a smaller bus than usual. There was some sort of issue and the seat behind the driver, which I did learn later had more room, was occupied, not knowing for sure whether the other person had a walker, or cane too, or some other disAbility, and since I made it work, I chose to simply sit across the isle on the other side, and put Campbell beside me in the floor. (With Driver’s suggestion) This caused me to have to make Campbell sit and lay down over and over again as people got on and off because he was in the walk way. I personally did not care for this arrangement and next time won’t allow such unless there is no choice, but it worked out so I was not gonna worry about it. We got to the transfer point and bus two without trouble, and as I boarded I was glad for the ramp and for the correct sitting. I was even more relieved when that driver, seeing a wheel chair passenger, and knowing I was not able to move easily to the other side for them, radioed and asked for a backup van to come and assist, and it was wonderful to have that done. Once at Food City I carefully made my way across the drive into the store. Cars sat patiently waiting as I passed, and one man called to me and said, “You’re a brave young lady for doing that.” I smiled, waved, and said, “Don’t know if I’m brave or stupid, but I’m out and about for breakfast, and visit with friend.” He said, “Go for it!” And waved the other traffic still as I passed. I would learn he was in a delivery truck and did stop to thank him properly after reaching the sidewalk safely. To say that was nerve racking for Campbell and me would kinda be an understatement, but the way Campbell handled it was the most awesome thing I ever saw. First off even though the way the bus ride had gone, which was totally out of our normal routine he picked it up with no trouble. We both remembered things from our “Training days” and we did AOK! (Thanks Trainer Drew!)
I think for me though what really got me was Campbell’s demeanor while working through all that and into the store. His stance was something the like of which I’d not ever seen in him before. Steady and serious right down to the last detail. When I had to go up and then down the steps on bus five, he took his time. Going forward one step at a time and stopping to wait until I had stepped up behind him before obeying my urging of Hup! Hup! And going onward. The way he slowly lead me down the ramp once we’d reached the store was nothing like we’d ever done before. He walked slowly and steadily matching his pace with mine, moving a step or two at a time, and holding firm and steady, and quite literally placing his body against me to steady my balance. I tell you that was amazing to observe, and passengers were commenting on it as we went. Once we’d made our way into the store there was navigating to the service desk for help. First off because I was using the quad cane, “Claud the Quad” I could not give hand signals. Had to depend on body movement and firm commands of straight straight, right and left. He did so well I was amazed, and as we passed between a couple of people, with me making apologies and excuse us please noises, I was again awed by how he slowly and steadily lead me through every obstacle, and around every person. Normally Campbell is a bit chummy with the various staff as we pass, giving a shake wag, or some sort of acknowledgement as we pass pharmacy cashiers, and the like, but not this day. He was focused like nothing I’d ever seen him do, and quite honestly never knew he could. Campbell and I have never before been challenged in this way, and to those who still say these dogs cannot handle multiple disAbilities, I say Shut! Up! You do not know from where you speak! Yes! They! Can! I quite literally saw it happen, and I was not at all surprised, just really WOWED by what he did and by the focus with which he preformed.

We got help, got my breakfast and enjoyed our time well. Afterward, I caught a ride home with a friend, and sat about readying us for the speaking engagement we had later in the evening. I had no idea what was in store for us as that day progressed, but I am glad I took some time out to rest the both of us, and if you think what I’ve written was something, you aint seen nothing yet.

However, I’m out of coffee, need to relieve myself, and have a bit of breakfast this day, so for now, I’ll end my tale. I hope you’ll come back later today and visit again. I want to tell you of how we got back to Food City and their banquet room. I want to tell you of the wondrous club I discovered, and the most awesome experience I had.

Until next time, this is Patty and the Rock Steady King Campbell Lee AKA Bubba saying…
Hold’em Steady, may harmony find you, and blessid be.

This post was brought to you by the words…

Team Rock Steady!

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