Positive Perspective: Happy Saturn’s Day! Campbell Claud the Quad, Ten Legs and Me

Positive Perspective: Happy Saturn’s Day! Campbell Claud the Quad, Ten Legs and Me

Well, well, hi there CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! I’m way glad yall stopped by. Gets boring here on the loveseat after a while. We are keeping busy though, and after just a bit of self doubt and discouragement, I’m back up and going. Well, sort of…

Our day started just after 5 AM. Campbell let me sleep long as he could, and finally he could wait no more. He’d not been out since last evening round 8:30 so I couldn’t blame him for wanting out.

It took me a while to get going, and as usual Campbell waited patiently out of the way in the hall. He stayed close, because he is more than aware that I am not quite up to snuff, but he did not at any time get in my way. Other than giving me kisses upon my getting out of bed, he was the perfect gentlemen. I’d expect nothing less.

Once I had my feet under me, (All six of them) I sat about the morning’s tasks of making coffee, and feeding Campbell. Finally I got his food into his bowl, and down for him. I released him from rest, and he attacked it. LOL. (Starving dog in motion!) By the time he was through eating, and having a good long morning’s drink, I’d managed to limp my way into the living room with Claud the Quad by my side, and was putting my boots on to go out.

After a while Campbell, Claud the Quad and me made our way into the front yard. I let Campbell take his time and sniff. After he’d rewarded me with 1 and 2 we slowly made our way back inside.

The morning went pretty well, until I decided to take a bath. I’d not bathed in 2 days and was feeling rather cruddy. There are only so many ways to wash at the sink. Sooner or later you gotta have soap water, and a good scrubbing. So I made my way slowly to the bathroom and sat out all my things, ran the water, and went about getting myself ready to get in. All of this went well, and soon I was enjoying a great Saturn’s Day soak which is my way, and thought there might just be hope for the day yet.

Well… Not so fast! said the universe. I reckon it was trying to tell me I did not have control quite yet. As I left the tub, my knee picked that moment to simply decide to no longer hold my weight. At the moment this happened, I remembered what I’d forgotten when gathering my things. As I reached out my right hand, I realized, no! Claud the Quad! Whoops! Bad thing to forget! Araugh! I yelled as I pitched forward. I thought I’d face plant right into the floor, but just at the last moment, I managed to grab the counter instead. Although I could not stop the fall entirely, I did gain control somewhat of how I landed. The knee twisted, and that burning ripping pain was quite intense for several excruciating moments, but once I landed and lie still it subsided pretty quickly. However, the entire ordeal left me feeling weak and exhausted. I was just about to decide nothing was broken when I heard, Thud! From the living room, and a moment later Campbell was shoving his way into the bathroom and standing at the ready by my side. It was as if he were saying, “I’m here Mom, what!” I lie here for a moment or two longer just gathering and calming myself. I knew that if Campbell were to help me at all, and I believed he could, I must at all cost stay calm. After I was sure of my voice, or at least as sure as I could be I said, “Bubba I’m gonna put my hand on your back, and get up. Can you help?” As if he knew exactly what I was saying, he moved closer to me and allowed me to put my hand onto his back. I slowly sat up and after I was sure I would not pass out from the shock of it, slowly reached for the counter and stood. Campbell did not leave me again until I was dried off and dressed. To say that has frightened me a bit would be an understatement.

After I’d rested a bit, ad gathered myself I managed to get breakfast, and Campbell a second walk of the day. The morning had passed, and it was going on 10, and I was quite proud of what we’d managed to do. I’m learning allot about who I can and who I cannot depend on, but it’s all going to turn out awesome in the end. The getting through it might darn near kill me, but in the end, mine and Campbell’s bond will be strengthened further than ever before, I’ll have weeded out some more people and things I don’t need, and I’ll have a deeper appreciation for those who remain.

Until next time this is the Not So Steady On Her Feet, Patty, The Ever Awesome and Solid As ARock King Campbell, Claud the Quad saying…
Keep it upright and movin’ may harmony find you, and blessid be.

Wants know where I get ten legs? Just add Campbell+Claud the Quad&Me and see what you get. Hehehaha!
Keep laughing, it’ll make’em wonder what you’re up to!

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