Positive Perspective: Good News Sunday, Snow, and Figuring It Out

Positive Perspective: Good News Sunday, Snow, and Figuring It Out

Good Awesome Sunday Morning! I’m really glad all yall stopped by. Gonna snow later, and we might not visit again for a few days. Probably but you never know.

This morning is as the title proclaims, Good News Sunday. What is my good news? How can I have good news after the kind of week I’ve had? Well, read on and learn…

What is good news? Good news is something that has happened in your life, or the life of another that makes you smile, gives you a good warm loving feeling, or encourages you in some way. I have had all of that during this week of challenges and trials, and if you’re a regular reader of the ‘Positive Perspective’ series here, you already know this, but I want to hit a couple of highlights.

My favorite awesome moments of the week were…
When the mudslide happened, the way Campbell was so patient kind, gentle and attentive touched my heart in a way I’ve no words to describe.

When I hollered out during my exam, and Campbell knowingly broke all the rules by standing and giving a soft but firm bark to say, “Stop that! Right here andNOW! Woolf!” It did my heart good, even though we don’t encourage barking in harness, seeing a dog step slightly out of its comfort zone, and training to take your part in a time of need does your heart good, because it speaks to your bond, but the best part of that was when he obeyed my command to lie back down, and rest, and then allowed those who had caused my discomfort which he’d disapproved of to pet him and show they meant no harm without my touching him was a true testimony of our bonding and teamwork together.

Then yesterday when he came shoving into the bathroom, a room that for many years he was band from, and came to stand beside me, at the ready for service no matter what that service entailed, and with no thought to whatever consequence there might be for entering no dog’s land. Then his willingness to bare some of my weight and help me stand, WOW! How he walked with me so slowly and carefully and doing so while not even in harness as I walked him round the house, and down our steep drive, yall just cannot know. Those are the things that give me good news this day. The realization that no matter how bad it gets, no matter what changes take place, this dog is right here, and NOW! Woolf! For me all the time without fail is amazing, and it gives me the strength to keep going. Anytime I get exhausted and feeling so overwhelmed I think I cannot possibly take one more step, all I have to do is call up one of the memories I’ve named, or at least one-million more, and I am good again.

So, my good news? I got love, walking beside me every step of the way every single day. Can everyone say that? Nope, and by gum, I’m grateful.

So, when people ask me questions like…
*Why do you work so hard to let others know of The Seeing Eye and all the work they do?
You read those things I’ve listed above, and you’ll see the answers.

This dog has quite seriously “Retrieved My Life” That was not just a play on words because Campbell is a Labrador retriever. He caused me to “step out of my comfort zone and take my part” My part in life, in a whole new way. Yes, I’ve gotten a bit off track and lost along my way. For a time I got caught up in some messed up thinking, but I’m doing way good now, and I’ve begun the process of realizing that if there are those who still cannot work passed all the dumb and confused stuff I did for a while, while allowing myself to be used abused and manipulated and if those persons refuse to see how far I’ve come, it is not me they’re hurting, but themselves. Why? Because NOW is good, and NOW is all we’ve got, and my goal is to help as many other people find the kinds of good news I write of here, and it is my belief that united we could do good in the hood, but divided we shall do nothing but harm. Can I make others see this? Maybe. How? By continuing on the journey they sat my feet upon whether they choose to come and go with Campbell and me or no.

Until next time this is…
Campbell Claud, and me saying…
May harmony find you, may you find your journey, and blessid may you be.

One more thing…
if you would like The Seeing Eye to keep helping to create such wondrous good news please visit http://TheSeeingEye.org/

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