Positive Perspective: Good News Sunday and Clearing the Way

Positive Perspective: Good News Sunday and Clearing the Way

Good morning CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! Campbell and I are glad you stopped by. Do you know what day it is? No! Wow! Today is, Good News Sunday! What is Good News Sunday? Well, I heard of it from a great group of ladies I belong to. Good News Sunday is when you share something good that happened in, or around your life that had a great affect on you. Then you encourage others to do the same.

Well, this day so far, has been filled with all sorts of good things, and I want to share them with you.

First of all, when Campbell and I woke this morning, we found we’d slept until just after 6. Could it have been just a little cold in the house for even the Furry King Campbell? Probably so, swings how our windchill was a Whopping 1 degree! BURRR! We’d stayed up till round 11:30 or so last night, Campbell had taken a 10:00 park time, the night before, and these two things together had kept him in bed even when I had awakened at 3:45 in the morning to shiver my way to the bathroom and back. To say I was relieved was an understatement.

We made our way out and back in with no trouble, and soon we were lost to the morning, with Campbell snoozing, and me listening to podcasts, and cleaning up the house.

I decided last evening that I was going to clean at least one of the extra bed rooms, and as I sit here typing to you, I’m proud to say it has been done. All but the closet of the room across the hall from my bed room has been cleaned out. I sorted and folded clothes to donate, to throw away, and to keep. First I boxed an entire box full of women’s clothing to give away. As I folded each piece into the box, I tried to remember the good things about the woman I’d been when wearing them, and hoped that a little of that spirit would help whomever needed and ended up with them along their way a bit.

Then I tossed out all the things I no longer needed or wanted. I got this done quickly so I could not change my mind as I’d done multiple times before. I was so relieved to be throwing things out, I almost got carried away with it. I might have really gotten into a toss it out frenzy had I not come upon an old scarred up night stand from my teenaged girl bed room, and first ever apartment of my own, and taken the time to clean it out, and drag it out to the porch. I was worn out afterward, and although I felt extremely relieved to have all that clutter gone, I knew I’d best slow down a bit if I wanted to finish all I’d planned for the day.

After pacing the room in squared off steps until I’d covered the entire space of the room, and only finding a few more things needing thrown out, I was just about to quit, when I came upon a small table in the corner of the room. As I explored it to see what it was, I saw that it too was a night stand of sorts, but that it had two open shelves, and was on wheels. I stood for a moment thinking about it, and then moved it into the living room, dusted it off, and found rather quickly that what I’d hoped would be so.

When I’d run upon it I’d believed it would be the perfect size for me to sit on the loveseat, or in my chair and have it in front of me with all the things I needed to hang out, write, or work from. It having wheels meant I could roll my work to where ever I wanted to sit, and not have such trouble with keeping track of things. Once again, my doing some much needed work in the house had solved yet another problem for me.

As I sit here now, typing this story to you, I feel happy, productive, and satisfied that I am well on the next part of my journey, and that what I have done so far this day has cleared the way for more awesome opportunities ahead.

For now, I’m going to take a nice break, enjoy the fruits of my labor, and see what comes next.

Until next time this is the ever patiently waiting to go play in the frozen snow, King Campbell AKA Bubba and his tired Mommy saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.
“If you always do as you did, you’ll always have as you had.”


  1. goodthaimom Reply
    January 9, 2017

    DOesn’t it feel good when you illiminate clutter especially unnecessary clutter. I’m proud of you. What good news you have shared with us. I’m doing the same decluttering in my household. It’s being done little by little and over time. I feel so exuberant when things I’m not using, those things which are just taking up space, depart my home to start a new life. I’m glad you found that special table, and I believe you will make much good use of it. Keep up the good work! Penny

    1. Oh! It has so far met all my expectations. I’m using it now. It is so much easier to simply sit everything I use during the day in one place, and move the entire thing. I’m actually considering asking my nephew if he thinks he might can figure a way to put a small handle for pulling on one side. Sounds silly I know, but this has relieved a serious issue for me. With short term memory loss and blindness together can come much confusion. If my phone, keyboard, and other things I use all day long are all in one spot, and all I have to do is to move the spot to where ever I’m sitting it just to me brings complete order to what has more times than not been total chaos.

      Just doing this one thing has done wonders for me. Solving this one stressful point has made way for other things to be thought of and dealt with. Trickle down is good when it is positive.
      Thanks again for reading.
      Speaking of reading I’ve just finished a good book, and now need to get to reading more email. LOL
      Have a great day.

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