Positive Perspective For the New Year

Positive Perspective For the New Year

Good morning CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS! Campbell and I hope this Monday (MoonDay) finds you feeling happy, healthy, and wondrously well. I myself am beginning a new journey and am hopeful that folks will join me as I go along my way.

I am determined not to allow other’s negative, bitter, angry, and hurtful behavior cause me to behave as such. Rather, I ask Mother Father God to strengthen me and give me the ability to rise above such, and be a more loving, kind, and tolerant person.

I know that putting such out there will cause others to behave toward me in ways that will tempt me to behave like they do but I am going to work as hard as I can to rise above this and promote a positive perspective during 2017.

I can only be responsible for myself, and can do nothing for another’s choices but pray, and so I leave you with the following prayer.

Mother Father God I pray to you this day, and ask your loving kindness be given unto me. I ask you empower me with the strength of love, light, and goodness. I ask that when the dark behavior of others comes into my life that you surround me with your beautiful loving arms, and allow me to be the Goddess you intend. I am after all created in your image, and if I truly believe such, and I do, I will strive each day to be so.

I ask that you protect me from that which would hurt me, and go with me each day. Help me to remain in the NOW. To leave the past behind, and while planning for the future, to not worry about it, but to remain in the present moment, take it one breath at a time, and when it becomes too much remove it from me so I do not cave to that ugliness which can at times put out the sun that lives within my soul.

I thank you in advance for doing all I have asked, and I decree in the name of all that is holy and in my Goddess name of Lady MoonWalker that it will be so.

So Mote It Be, and Blessid Be.

If you would like to go on this journey with me, let me know. I’ll pray with you, if you pray with me.
Treat as you would be treated, not as you are treated. The Law of Attraction is true, you absolutely do get in this life, just exactly what you give out.

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