Positive Perspective: Farther and Farther We Go

Positive Perspective: Farther and Farther We Go

Positive Perspective: Farther and Farther We Go


Patty L. Fletcher

June 18, 2017


Good awesome Father’s Day Sunday! Everyone!

I hope all yall, are doing well.

Here, we’ve been up and going since a little before five, in the AM.

Started the morning with our usual, feed, park, and play time.

Then, hot tea for me, and YAY, still had some peppermint tea. Took a bag of regular, and a bag of mint, and YUM! Nice wake-up.

I enjoyed some chat with a couple of friends. One on messenger, and one on the phone, then, it was time for breakfast.

Once, that was done, I got myself dressed, and did a bit of house work.

After that, well, it was time to harness up my pup, and head out for a nice, Sunday morning walk!

I knew it was to be 91 degrees today, with late afternoon thunderstorms, so I figured, if I was going to get any therapy in today, I’d best Hup! Hup! and get, us on our way!

Well, honestly folks, I had not meant to really go that far. Honestly only meant to go to the first bus stop, which for those that know the area, is the bus five bus-stop, and, no farther.

We have been taking leisurely walks in the yard. I’ve been using my white cane, and taking Campbell on his leash, up and down the walk, in front of our house, and slowly working our way down to the Bus Five stop, and, a couple times, we’ve taken the route we’d use, if we were going to our favorite corner market, but we really have, been, sticking close to home.

So, believe me, when I say, I honestly, had no intentions of doing anything more, than walking to that first bus-stop, and nowhere else.

 That, however, was not to be. Once we got going, we really, got, going. 🙂

We did go to that first bus-stop, but once Campbell had taken care of his necessary, we decided, after a brief Team Rock Steady huddle together there on the walk, that we’d just go a bit farther, on down the trail.

After a minute or so, we were really getting into it, and though, we had to keep a slow, but steady pace, we, soon, found ourselves, all the way at the four-way stop, beside the stop for, bus three.

To say I was thrilled, would be an understatement! Oh! How, I did praise Campbell. I cannot imagine what the neighbors who, were sitting out on their porches, and hanging out in yards, thought, about he and I there at the bus-stop, on Sunday morning, when there’s no bus to be had, but we, just couldn’t care about it.

Campbell too, seemed to be excited, and not, just because, I was.

I still maintain, that he knows, he is helping me! He, has been with me throughout, this entire process, from hospital all the way through, skilled care, and back home.

He’s been in therapy with me, and he knows what is normal, and what is not, and he knows we haven’t been to that stop, since we’ve been home.

Maybe it doesn’t sound, like a big deal to you, but to Campbell, and me, it was, and is, huge!

When my Physical Therapist comes in the morning, he’s going to expect, us, to take a walk, to the stop, for bus five. Boy! Is he, gonna get a surprise! I cannot wait!

Campbell is resting in his crate, and I am more tired than I’ve been in quite some time, but by golly, we’ve passed yet another milestone in my getting well, and we are proud as we can be!

It won’t be long now, till we’ll be going to Physical Therapy on an outpatient basis, and soon, after that, we shall be set free!!!

“Free at Last!” Will, for us, take on a whole new, and wonderful meaning!

For now, I’m going to rest, get something to eat, and do a bit more catch-up on Email.

For now, this is, Patty, who is real tired, but also, real proud, and King Campbell, A.K.A Bubba saying…

Push past that comfort zone! May, harmony find you, and blessid be.




  1. Congratulations, Patty! Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks, I’m trying.

      I’m a bit worn out this evening, but at least I’m still ticking!

  2. Hello again, everyone! Think I may have over done myself just a tad.

    If, all I’d done was to have taken that walk, it would’ve been OK, but I did my exorcises too, and then this evening something fell behind the dresser, and since no one was around, and it was something I needed, I pushed the dog gone thing out of my way, crawled behind it, and retrieved my things.

    Then, I took Campbell in the yard for his 4:00 park, and I’m simply done in.

    I’ve had a shower, and finally managed to put a frozen pizza in oven, and we’re done for the day.

    Other than taking him again for park times, I aint going no place.

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