Positive Perspective: Fabulouso Afternoon, and a Campbell Kingdom Funny

Positive Perspective: Fabulouso Afternoon, and a Campbell Kingdom Funny

Happy Afternoon! WOW! Yall have the best timing! Glad you stopped by. Campbell and I just had the greatest hour, and we ended it laughing. Ya don’t get any better than that do you? Nope! Didn’t think so. What happened? Well, settle in with a hot cup of CoCo Tea, or whatever your brew of choice is, and I’ll let you in on it. Be ready to laugh. Well… I thought it was funny, anyhow.

First off, Campbell and I decided to get out and about, around 3:30 today. Decided we needed a walk. I’d been going out with a friend for the afternoon, but they got called away on an emergency at the last minute. Not to worry, I said to Campbell, and out the door Campbell, Claud, and I went.

Just as we started from the porch to the drive, We had the great fortune to run into my most awesome Grand Niece, Kirsten. She said in her cheery voice, “Want me to grab Campbell and walk’em for you?” I, thinking that was a most wonderful idea, agreed happily, and handed him over. He went wagging along, and soon they were crunching through the leaves in the yard. Once she’d brought him back and had gone to do whatever 12 year old girls do after school, we settled ourselves on the porch for a bit. Couldn’t stay long, the wind was kickin’ up a bit, but for a few minutes we enjoyed protesting winter.

Once back inside, I felt a bit chilled, and since it was almost 4 O’clock I decided an early supper was in order. We’d had a fairly productive day, and I wanted to relax for the evening. I made my way into the kitchen, and set about readying supper. I opened a large can of chicken&dumpling vegetable soup, and washed up a few dishes while it heated. When i was ready I saw it was just after 4, and decided Campbell could have his dinner a bit early too. I took the can the soup had been in, put a bit of warm water in the bottom swished it about, and added it to Campbell’s Kibble.

When we’d both eaten our fill, I went back to the kitchen to wash our remaining dishes, and ready myself for an evening of All Things Considered, local and national TV news, and then NPR’S Fresh Air, and a book.

Just as I started to put away Campbell’s bag of food he heard it rattle and came flying into the kitchen, sliding on the hard floor as he went. He bumped into the shelving unit his food was sitting on and promptly knocked the bag I’d just placed there to the floor. A few kibble spilled out and he gobbled them eagerly. I laughed as I scooped up the bag closed it tight, and sitting it back onto the shelf said, “Campbell, you do not have short term memory loss. So don’t try that, “I haven’t eaten all day, you forgot to feed me routine.” As if he understood every word, he snorted with disgust and giving a huge wiggly waggly jingly jangly shake, left the room in a huff.

We’re now snuggled in for the evening, and all is right with our world.

Until next time this is Patty, and the Puffy king Campbell AKA Bubba Lee saying…
May harmony find you, laugh allot today, and blessid be.

Laughter is the best medicine in the world!


  1. Ah, Patty. Thanks so much for making my day so positive. I could just about hear Campbell snorting and swishing his tail from your writing! I think my Arti would have behaved in a similar manner as she can sense anything to do with her food from a mile away. And yes, it is good to laugh with them as they fill our lives with such special energy and kindness. Lindy

    1. Campbell is allot of fun. He never fails to make me laugh. Even in the very darkest hours of abuse with my EX Campbell could warm my heart, and put a smile on my face. A day or two ago I wrote a post “Life Laughter Love” and told of how I got into Campbell’s bed with him, and how even though it was painful to get up and down the enjoyment I found from it was most awesome. I liked the word one of my readers chose for the word challenge I posed. Thanks for reading. Comment anytime.

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