Positive Perspective: Embracing My Sleep Patterns

Positive Perspective: Embracing My Sleep Patterns

Good early morning CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! Glad you’ve stopped by. If you’re reading just as this has posted, then you’re like me, up in the night. This used to really bug me, but a week or so back someone asked me why I didn’t just go with the flow where my sleeping patterns were concerned. I asked them what they meant, and this was their answer.

“You’re always talking about just being yourself. Be yourself, everyone else is taken, and all that. When are you going to follow your own advice? Rather than fight your sleep patterns, why not embrace them? If you get extremely sleepy in the afternoon, and you’re not expected anywhere to do anything, walk the dog, lock the door, turn off the phone and go to sleep. When you wake if you cannot go back to sleep again after you’ve walked Campbell, and tended his needs, then stay up. Treat it like any morning. Enjoy coffee, read mail FB etc. Clean do whatever. IF it’s the middle of the night, take advantage of getting on the internet and seeing what folks in other time zones, on other parts of the planet are doing. Make new connections. Create with what you find. Get my meaning?”

Well, I thought about it. Then yesterday afternoon, I decided, what the heck? I’m gonna try it.

Around 5:30 or so, just after Campbell and I’d had dinner, and a good long walk, I began to get extremely tired. I tried to play games, or read mail, but nothing was working. I kept falling asleep in the middle of what I was doing. Finally around 15 till 6 I said, “To heck with this, I’m going to bed.” I was miserable, and could stand it no longer. I’d slept very little the night before, had run hard the majority of the day, ad was just spent. I checked the door, made sure Campbell had fresh water, and went to bed. I fell immediately to sleep. I told myself I’d not sleep more than an hour, but that was not to be. I woke around 11 or a little after and after walking Campbell, and playing with him a few minutes, I realized there was no way I was going to fall back to sleep, and to try would only serve to frustrate and stress me.

So, I made myself a strong pot of coffee, and set about the morning’s tasks. Or, what would have been morning tasks if I were waking in the AM.

I drank coffee, read FB posts, email and Twitter. Listened to local and national headlines, checked all my notifications, and returned messages where appropriate, and made notes of reminder for the ones that would need returning in the morning’s light.

Then I ran a huge hot tub filled with the hottest water I could stand, gathered all my grooming supplies, and took myself a nice long hot soak, sweat lodge included. After I’d sat in the steam and soaked and sweated for about 30 minutes, I bathed, washed my hair, and did a facial scrub. OMG! When I got out, I felt awesome. I gathered up all my laundry, and after drying off and dressing, I put in a load, and sorted another two. I spent some time brushing my hair, and meditating, and now here I am writing and feeling great.

I’ve decided that other than things like doctor’s appointments, and going to Friendship connection or running errands, I’ve no real schedule, and long as I manage to get out and about when I need to from now on I’m going to sleep when I wish, wake when I wish, and simply let my sleep patterns be what they will.

I’ve found hat trying to force myself to be the “Normal Status” where sleep is concerned doesn’t work. If I try to force myself to sleep all that happens is that I lie around, doze a bit and feel like crap when I’m “supposed to be awake” This night/early morning has been productive, I’m relaxed, and feel in control. That to me makes more since than trying to go against my natural current.

What have I learned? “Be yourself, everyone else is taken” Means just exactly that. Glad I’ve finally got that.

How do I think this will work? Great. Am I sure? No. Follow me to find out.

Do you have sleep issues? IF so write to me and let me know how you deal with them. Either comment here or email me at: patty.volunteer1@gmail.com I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, this is Patty and King Campbell Lee AKA Bubba who can sleep anywhere anytime saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.


“The world is not perfect. So I need not be perfect.”
Patty L. Fletcher

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