Positive Perspective: Educating the Uneducated Continuing

Positive Perspective: Educating the Uneducated Continuing

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If you’ve been following us here on the blog, you know we’ve been at Asbury Place Kingsport http://asburyplace.org/
Since the 8TH of May, and that at times it has been quite challenging. I began writing of this on Mother’s Day. Visit https://campbellsworld.wordpress/05-14-2017-educating-the-uneducated/
If you’ve not already read the post.

I have to say, for the most part, this has been a most excellent experience, and I will add, that if one must be in a Skilled Care Facility, this is for certain, the place to be. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty where Campbell is concerned. The Physical Therapy staff, is, by far, the best, I’ve ever run across in all my lifetime, of needing Physical Therapy for any reason, and the fact that they understand the need to incorporate our working together as Guide Dog and Human Team into my therapy, is most awesome, and much, appreciated.
However, as I wrote, there have been challenges. What I’ll say first is that, for the most part, when challenges have come up, the staff has been more than willing to assist with meeting, and overcoming them.

There are, some though, who give the impression of not wanting to learn how to work with Campbell, and me, thus there has been just a bit of upheaval this day.

Upon my arrival here, each department supervisor, that I would be working with, on my recovery, came and met with me. I was more than pleased with this, because it gave me an opportunity right off the bat to introduce Campbell, explain how he and I work together, and help to get everyone on the same page.

Unfortunately there is one staff member who has been more than reluctant to get with the program where working with us has been concerned.

When I met with the Facility Activities Director at the beginning of my stay, we discussed at great length, the activities that go on here, and while some, such as Bingo would require a bit of assistance, and of course my being available to participate, I saw no issue with becoming involved.

As days progressed, I found, I was not being included. So, one day during Physical Therapy, I brought this to the attention of my Therapist. As we discussed the issue, we thought it was probably due to my being in such intensive Physical Therapy. As we walked along, my Therapist suggested we go and speak to the director to see what if anything could be worked out, so that the two of us could work together.

After we’d gone in and I’d reintroduced Campbell, I sat down, and we began to chat. After much discussion, I asked, if she might work with me on walking from my room to the door leading out to their most beautiful patio so that I could, pattern Campbell to a consistent route. I reminded her, that the DVD from The Seeing Eye was here on campus, and available for her to watch. I made the comment, “I’m not sure where it ended, up, but I’m sure we can find, and have you watch it. That lone with my instruction specific to how Campbell and I work, there should be no issue, and in fact should not take more than a couple days.” She replied that she had, “Taken the DVD to the Physical Therapy room, and left it with them, and had in fact not_ watched it as I’d requested.”

Again, I had the distinct impression she did not wish to work with us. If I were wrong, I’d seen no action to prove me so.

I, decided, however, to simply not let that upset me, and said, “Well, it is about 15 or so, minutes long, you can watch it before we begin, and I’ll fill you in on how Campbell and I work, and you should have no issue.” That ladies and gents, was on Friday May, 19 and other than Seeing her as she went round handing out snacks to patients, which by the way appears to be the only thing I’ve been allowed to be involved in thus far, although not only, have I requested the walk assist, I have also requested to be allowed to come to evening activities.

To say this frustrates me, would be a gross understatement, and finally this day, due to a couple of other miner issues needing to get dealt with, I decided to speak out!

She says, she will work with me, so, we shall see.

I am willing to, start again, let this issue go and work together to, A) educate her about guide dogs, which she admittedly has no knowledge of, and B) get what I need done, but she is going to have to meet me half way.

While dealing with all these issues, both here, at this facility, and at the hospital before, I have come to the great conclusion, that the medical profession is by enlarge the least educated of all professionals in the world, and I feel this is most unacceptable.

I was prompted to write this post today for two reasons. First, I wanted to let folks know of yet another challenge I’m having, and how I’m attempting to deal with it, and while trying to figure out how best to do so, I was inspired by a post I read at https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts-impression/
When I saw the word impression, I knew exactly what I wanted to say because that word was the one I’d been looking for to describe the feeling I had from this staff member.

Maybe I’m incorrect. Maybe she’s just overwhelmed by the unknown, but without good clarification, and good communication, and with her giving the impression during our Friday meeting, that she was alright with all I’ve written of, I cannot know.

So, before I leave you today, let me just remind you, be clear about your feelings, intentions, and always make sure to… Communicate…Comunicate…and, yes that’s right…Comunicate what you feel, and think.

Remember folks, no one will take care of you, better than you will.

Until next time, this is King Campbell Lee, Super Seeing Eye Dog, A.K.A. Bubba, and his Momma Patty, who very much wishes to Educate the Uneducated saying…
Speak up for yourself, may harmony find you, and blessid be.

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