Positive Perspective Campbell’s Calamities People Who Changed My Reality P 2

Positive Perspective Campbell’s Calamities People Who Changed My Reality P 2

“People Who Changed My Reality” – Part Two
Patty L. Fletcher
June 23, 2014

The following post is another from the RGQ Online magazine, and my column Campbell’s Calamities.

This is a post about someone for whom I will be ever grateful.

From what I understand Mr. Gibbon is retiring from The Seeing Eye, and I can feel certain when I say he will be truly missed by many.

And now, a blast from the past!

On April 2, 2011, I went to The Seeing Eye in Morristown, New Jersey, and my life changed forever. The first thing — or the first person, I should say — to enter my life while I was there and to make a huge change in it was my instructor, Drew Gibbon. As you will learn when you read my book, I’d had a really rough trip getting there, had had very little to eat in nearly 12 hours, and was completely exhausted by the time I arrived. I was frightened beyond belief and was even thinking that maybe I had made a mistake by going there in the first place.
Then enter Mr. Gibbon. He immediately put me at ease. He was so nice, polite, and reassuring. He answered all my questions and did not make me feel small or stupid for asking them. He did not belittle me in any way. He was kind, considerate, and very gentle to me.
It was the same all through training. Drew taught me things like how to handle and work Campbell, how to be safe while doing so, and — well, just everything I could possibly need to know to get me started on the way to my wonderful life as a Guide Dog handler. But Drew taught me much more than that. He taught me how to believe in myself. He taught me the value of taking chances, how to trust myself and my own judgment once again. He encouraged me to reach out and take hold of life, to live it to the fullest, and to not let others decide for me how I would do that.
At first, I didn’t think I could do any of that. If you read my book, you’ll learn that when I first went home with Campbell, I actually tried to slip back into the role of obedient girl friend/fiancée. But soon I began to realize that the man I was engaged to was not all that he had seemed to be, and that in fact, he was holding me back. So, gradually, I began to put what Drew had taught me into practice. Soon I was running instead of walking and loving every minute of it. I literally found a truer freedom than I had ever thought possible, and I am now the happiest I have ever been in my life.
Yes, there are still problems in my life, things I’d like to set right. But at the same time, I am doing things now that I had never done before. I know that I would never have become what I am today if I had not had the fantastic privilege of meeting and working with Drew Gibbon. So Campbell and I would like to give a huge thumbs up to The Seeing Eye and their instructors, and especially to Mr. Drew Gibbon, Sr.
Drew, without your gentle guidance, kindness, and care, I would never have gotten to where I am now. Thanks so much for being you and for being my instructor.
Well, folks, that wraps up the third installment of Campbell’s Calamities. Next week, I will tell you about one of the funniest things that have happened to me since getting Campbell. Let me tell you I never would have believed it if I’d not seen it for myself.
Until next time, this is Campbell and Patty , saying May Harmony Find You, and Blessid Be.
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