Positive Perspective: Blessings In the Midst of Chaos and Update On King Campbell

Positive Perspective: Blessings In the Midst of Chaos and Update On King Campbell

Good morning all! I hope this post finds you all happy, healthy, and well. Even if you find yourself in the midst of chaos brought on by trials which you do not understand, I hope you’re able to see the good within. I have had a conversation this morning with someone which has provoked quite a bit of thought, and I want to share some of this with you, but first, an update on King Campbell.

He is not doing all that well this day. He seems to be in some discomfort. It is evident that he hurts when he pees, and his urine, to put it quite bluntly stinks. Even after we’ve walked away from it for a bit, and it has had time to settle, when we walk passed the spot where he went we can smell it. This is not good. I’ll be having a special healing prayer time between 9 and 10 AM Eastern today and ask all who will to join me during this time. It is my belief that while, being together physically is a good thing, we can also combine our energies together from all over the world, and that if all are focused upon the same intent can bring about great change. I thank all who do for joining in.

Now, onto the conversation I had earlier in this day. I was commenting back to someone’s comment on a post I wrote in a moment of hurt and frustration yesterday. I really do need to work harder on controlling my emotional outbursts, but well, I am as I am to a certain extent, and I most likely will never completely change, nor do I think I should rid myself of all of me so I’ll continue to work on how I react but at the same time not allow all of me to be lost. My original FB post was concerning a reaction I received from an organization that claims Unity and Acceptance of all, but uses a Christian Theme. I was not treated very nicely by a person who responded to an email I wrote, and it left me feeling rather unwanted, unworthy, and I accepted. The first thing I should’ve done with that reaction was to have realized their action and reaction could not make me feel anything I did not allow, but instead of keeping this in mind I allowed myself to be hurt and upset. Once I got my thoughts under control however, I had a bit of a revelation. It occurred to me that I might be facing all these things of late because someone needed to show these who are not doing as they should to others for who and what they are. So after some careful consideration as to how to proceed, I wrote a letter to the main branch of the organization which this person represents, and let them know of how I was treated. They wrote back and voiced their apology and concern for this action. They provided me with an address which I could write to, to voice my concerns further, and encouraged me to do so. I did. I sent them a copy of the email conversation that took place between myself and the individual in question, and voiced my concern, my hurt, and frustration. I did hear back from this writing and was assured that this matter would be looked into. When I wrote this morning in response to my FB post about this, telling what I’d done and why, someone wrote back and voiced their hostility toward persons such as what I was confronted with. I wrote back that I did not like to put all persons of this faith in a box, and that I knew plenty of good and kind people who did not deserve to be lumped in with the bad. This person wrote back saying that I was gracious in my response. I wrote back that I was not being gracious. I wrote that two wrongs do not make things right, and that I believed that if I want people to be tolerant and acceptant of me I must also do like-wise to them, and further more I advised them to let go of the obvious upset they held for whomever or whatever had caused them to feel as they did, else it would destroy any good they hoped to do with their own chosen life. For those who have been reading me a while, you know that I know from where I speak. My holding to anger, and negativity has in a way tainted all the good I’d originally hoped to do with my writing, and I have many miles of damage to undo before I sleep.

I have realized that I must learn to control my emotional outburst in a better way. I have learned that to hold anger is as bad for me as a person’s holding a grudge, and refusing to let go of the past and move into the NOW. I have learned that no one will even think of meeting me half way until I accept me, and those around me just as they are. There is a Christian song that says, “Just as I am” If I expect others to accept me “Just as I am” then so must I accept them. You cannot expect anyone to do something you will not do yourself. It is quite hypocritical to do so, and does nothing but to make you as bad as they if you do anything else.

I have a new goal as a result of this thinking. I have decided that I will when confronted with such disrespect and hurtful behavior as I was yesterday, call them out. I will not do this to seek revenge however, but to ferret out those who would spoil the good. There are good persons within all faith based organizations. There are truths in all. We are all on the same pathway and we all have the same destiny in mind. We are all just traveling a bit differently to get there.

I have written in a way of SF of a Blended Lives Federation. How can I possibly hope to achieve such in reality if I am not willing to accept others just as they are? How can I hope to make lasting changes if I cannot find common ground on which to stand with all. Even Donald Trup, i must learn to see in this manner, if for no other reason than to become well acquainted with what I want no more of. Even he is made from God’s creation, thus there is good within him. It seems to be will hidden, but I must somehow first find some common ground on which to stand with him, if ever I hope for him to see any side of mine.

We musten’t continue with the focus of fighting. We must absolutely must! Find a way into peace. For all of us. Not just a chosen few, but the entire world.

It is my goal to do this, and to allow myself to be shown how by Spirit itself. I am this day opening myself to all possibilities, and asking for more guidance than ever before.

I have had some caution me, saying, “You open yourself to more strife if you do such.” This may be quite true. It has seemed to me of late that the harder I try to find the good, the more bad I stumble upon, but as I have written it has occurred to me that there may be something I am to do here, and so I am looking for blessings in the midst of chaos. I invite all of you to walk with me on this continuing journey. After all the most fun to be had is yet to come.

“We never get it done. We never get it right, if we’re lucky, we just get it” Until next time, this is Patty, and King Campbell A.K.A. Bubba who welcomes your prayers of healing saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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