Positive Perspective: Blessings Everywhere

Positive Perspective: Blessings Everywhere

Hi everyone! Here we are after dinner in the Campbell Kingdom! I have a nice hot cup of after dinner tea, and I’m ever glad! I tell you it has been the best week in quite a while… What has made the difference?

Well, I’ve been telling you all about how I’ve gotten a handle on the house, and am really making some changes. I tell you what started it… Yes, I got paper work started, grant got approved, but before all that I asked… I asked for prayer. I asked for energy for healing, prosperity and blessings. I asked for help, and I said to Mother Father God, “I’m pissed! Don’t like this! You say you are all mighty! Show it!” Yes, I said all that! Then I listened. I watched, and I waited. I allowed, and I was given. I have blessings everywhere! Nothing is anymore impossible! I have because I sought it out. I made it happen, because I became active in my life, and I asked. It is really true that “We have not because we ask not.”

I was mistakenly taught as a child in the Christian faith that I should not ask for myself, that to waist prayer on me was selfish and wrong. It is not! Selfish and wrong. It is OK! If you do not take of you who the hell will? God doesn’t expect us to sit and do without! Mother Father God Goddess, whomever you call he/she expects us to get off our tails, and use what has been provided for us!

Once I realized I did so too have the power, and so did my sisters and brothers, I was off to the races, and I have not looked back!

I am way happy tonight. As I was cleaning up the kitchen and getting my water I made a wish, and while the wish for a huge cup of coffee, and great big bowl of ice cream did not come to be, I sure as heck did get something. While reaching into a drawer for a clean towel I found a packet of tea I forgot I had, and some fresh milk. Hot after dinner Tea! YAY!

Be grateful! Be happy! Be pro-active! Be!


  1. Lovely little comment on the goodness of the universe and the marvelous, miraculous Power behind it. It says right in the Bible: Ask and ye shall receive!!! I think it is very silly for the people who profess to be Christians to say not o ask. Furthermore, I firmly believe that we will receive all that is good for us, however it behooves us to ask so we can be given. Thanks for sharing, Love, Tasha

    1. I have decided those who taught me in that manner were only working on the knowledge they had, and were indeed doing the best they knew to do with what they had. I’ve yet another blessing. I’m enjoying a Fruit Smooty I made with fruit cups a small cup of jello, pint carton of milk, and juice all which came from a food box. Tossed it all in blender and YUM!

      1. I agree, there is nothing to blame when people are doing the best they can to be helpful, and for sure, it is OK to be grateful and at the same time not follow their advice, right? Love and a hug, Tasha

        1. Agreed! Blessid Be!

        2. I would just like to let you know, that I appreciate your reading, and your feedback. It is wonderful to have a conversation with a fellow writer, and reader. Please, would you, put your link in a reply to this message? Thank you have an awesome day. Night.

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