Positive Perspective: Being Happy With Yourself Making Your Life Your Own

Positive Perspective: Being Happy With Yourself Making Your Life Your Own

Hi again CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! Campbell and I are back again to talk to you about something really important. YOU! YOU! Are the most important person on earth. YOU are #1. Without doubt! YOU are what it’s all about! If YOU are not happy with YOURSELF YOU cannot be happy with another.

No one person or thing can complete YOU. Nor can it make YOU happy. YOU have to have something of YOUR OwN. Something that makes you happy, healthy, well, and whole. Something you can enjoy whether there is one other soul around or not. Something that helps make YOU who YOU are.

The moment you put your whole self into someone else, leaving yourself incomplete by ignoring YOURSELF YOU are counting YOURSELF out, and depending upon the companionship of others all the time for comfort, relief and enjoyment will sooner or later lead to disappointment and depression.

We all CHOOSE! How we FEEL!. We ALLOW our feelings to get the better of us. We do not have to do this. It is OK to miss someone, it is OK to want friends, and we are all designed to be around others, but we are also unique people. The saying, We are one, yet we are we. Well, it has some real meaning, and it is up to YOU to figure that out.

Be good to YOURSELF.
Know YOUrself.
Be Proud of YOURSELF.
Be comfortable with YOURSELF.

I used to depend upon the friendship and approval of others to make me who and what I was. Then one day I began to lose friends. For various reasons I no longer had the same people I always did. Some moved away. Some got married and their lives changed, and while I still had those people as my friends, it was not the same. Some got jobs, and some had hobbies that took them out of their comfort zones. I had nothing but them, and as their lives expanded, and mine did not, I found myself feeling alone. Then one day I woke up, and I said, who are YOU? I asked myself, what Do YOU want to do with the rest of YOUR life? I started deciding, and making my own way. Then, suddenly! I had new friends. Was doing new things, and experiencing things like never before. I realized no one was going to come to me. Nothing was going to happen unless I made it so, and I would not know who I was if I did not find out.

One day I woke up and saw myself in the old inside mirror of self reflection and I said, “Hi, who are YOU?” MYSELF said back to ME, “Hi I’m the new YOU. HOw YOU like?” I said, “Hi YOU I like YOU just fine.” Then others liked me more, and I felt better about ME and life moved on in a whole new way.

Discover YOU today!


“Be YOUrself everyone else is taken.”

“Take a chance, there’s a 50 percent chance ou’ll be right.”
Thanks Drew Gibbon Sr. INstructor of The Seeing Eye. YOU were right.

Thanks John Keane, Retired Sr. Specialist of The Seeing Eye. YOU were right too.

Blessid be to all.

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  1. Nice piece, well said and very true. Good for you for spreading the word and helping us all to boost what is correct for us all. Blessings and Peace to your lovely heart, Tasha

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