Positive Perspective: Away In the Campbell Kingdom

Positive Perspective: Away In the Campbell Kingdom

Good Morning CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! Campbell and I hope this Good News Sunday Morning finds you Happy, Healthy, and Well. We are… That is Happy, Healthy and Well.

As some of you may know, we are currently visiting out of town. We made our way from our home in Kingsport to our friend’s house in Knoxville Tennessee on Woden’s Day of this week, and have been having a fine time. It took some doing to get here, starting with a trip via NET Trans from our house, to the GrayHound Bus station in Johnson City TN so we could be assured that we’d get the bus out of town. As I wrote before, there are currently some issues with the bus station in our town and so we, not having anyone to travel with did not want to take our chances at an unmanned station. Well, let me just say this was a fabulously wonderful decision to have made. I have never before received the kind of help I did that day. When the van I was riding in pulled up and stopped at the curb, the first awesome thing was my driver. He had not only been able to change the $20 bill I had forgotten to change before I left the store earlier in the day, but he was getting ready to carry my suit case into the station when the second awesome surprise took place. The manager of the bus station came outside, and said, “Ma’am are you traveling today?” I said that I was and he asked, “How may I best help you?” I asked if he’d allow us to follow him inside and assist me with buying my ticket. He said he would and he did.

Taking the suit case from the NET Trans driver he instructed me on how to enter the station. The doors were automatic, so getting through and inside the station was a snap. He then described the layout of the room, and this was a really neat surprise. I would learn later that there had at one time been a Guide Dog trainer from somewhere who used to bring dogs through his station. As he had related this info to me, I wasn’t sure whether he was describing a trainer or puppy raiser of some sort but either way his knowledge was wonderfully helpful.

Once I’d gotten my ticket, and luggage claim check, we were ready to find a seat. He had us follow him to a row of benches, and even though they were not padded in any way they were actually rather comfortable. Campbell and I settled in to wait, and it was a pleasant wait at that.

We were about an hour early, which suited me fine, and I set about the task of texting dad to let him know I’d made it through the first leg of my journey, and was OK. We texted back and forth a few minutes, and then I let Bobby know we’d arrived at the station and informed him I’d let him know when the bus got there and we were off.

Soon I was involved in FB posting, and chatting with folks waiting around me. One man came in and he was afraid of the dog. I told him I’d probably have to pay Campbell in stake to talk him into biting him, and then only if he got between him and the food, so finally he reluctantly passed by us. LOL! I have to laugh when I think of how he skittered passed so fast. LOL! All’s Campbell wanted was to say hello, but I held him still so the man could pass unbothered. If someone is uncomfortable with Campbell’s presents, I try to make it as little as possible for them.

Finally the bus was there, and we were on our way. It was a great trip. The manager of the station introduced us to the driver, and I introduced Campbell and explained how they could best help. Soon we were aboard the bus, settled in a seat with Campbell making himself comfortable at my feet, and after a minute or two the rest of the passengers came on and a minute after that we were pulling out of the station parking lot, and onto the road.

In what only seemed like seconds e were hitting the interstate, and the driver was announcing the stops along the way, and giving a few instructions. None of which applied to me, so when I was certain Campbell was situated, I put on my headphones, connected them to my phone, and spent some time reading mail, and posting to FB.

After a while, I grew tired of this, and settled back to read for a while.

It seemed as if in no time at all, we were pulling into the station in MorrisTown TN and making a quick stop to drop and pickup passengers. After only five minutes, during which Campbell and I stayed put people came and went. Soon all was set back to right, and we were on our way once again.

In just over an hour or so later, we pulled into the Knoxville station, and as we de-boarded the bus, the driver took my claim check, and found my bag. After only just a moment’s instruction for the man who had come out from the station to assist we were off and running again, and in just a couple of minutes we had walked through the station and out into the fresh rainy air. A cab was waiting and the last part of our journey had begun.

We settled into the cab, I gave the driver the address, and settled back to enjoy the ride to Bobby’s. I figured at that time of day the traffic would be rather heavy and expected our trip to take some time. Honestly, once we got started, it did not take that long.

Soon we were pulling into Bobby’s apartment complex and he was opening the door, and helping us out. To say Campbell was excited, would have been a gross understatement. He darn nearly squashed me trying to get out of the car, and to Bobby. Then he nearly pulled me off my feet to catch up to him when we were going inside, and once we got in and his harness was off, LET THE FUN BEGIN! Campbell ran, and snorted. He sneezed, and sniffed. He drank water, and gave kisses, and banged his tail onto everything possible. Finally Bobby and I took him outside, and after he had parked and sniffed to his heart’s content he settled down to wait for me to feed him. I only waited a short time to let him settle after riding, then gave him his food for the evening. Since he’d been on limited rations before the trip I was a bit heavy handed when I scooped his cup of food into his bowl.

After a while, Bobby and I started catching up on eachother’s happenings and enjoying getting reacquainted after a long time of not having seen one another.

Today is, as I wrote above, Sunday, and we have enjoyed being here absolutely lots! Campbell loves Bobby better than any man I ever kept time with before, and I think that if I moved us in to stay, Campbell would have no complaint what so ever. Come to think of it, neither would his Mommy, but that is a story and thought for another day.

For now, I’m really glad to be here. We’ve not done lots, just taken some nice walks with Campbell spent time reading listening to music, and watching TV together. Having long meaningful talks, and simply living in the NOW! Bobby has the day off today, so who knows what we’ll get into.

I’ve been setting up my new computer, and learning to use it, and I’m amazed at how fast it is, and all the neat things it will do. There are, as with anything a few challenges, and there are a few things that aren’t accessible to my screen reader software in the new Microsoft Update, but we’re working around those.

Until next time this is Patty, and the Traveling King Campbell Lee AKA Bubba saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.


Remember, if it won’t matter in ten years, don’t worry about it!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your adventure. It was fun to read about. I hope you continue with your positive attitude because it is surely bringing you more that is positive! Blessings and best Regards, Tasha

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