Positive Perspective: Another Milestone Reached and Changing Focus

Positive Perspective: Another Milestone Reached and Changing Focus

Patty L. Fletcher

July 2017



OH! WOW! What an awesome day this has turned out to be!

Campbell and I started out at, 9:45 this AM with a trip to our doctor’s office to sign paper work to open a patient portal so I can communicate with them during this continuing situation with my healing. Yes, I’m calling it my healing now, rather than my sickness. Reason I’m not better yet? Focus wrong. Fixed that.

Well, once we were done at the doctor’s office, we were off to Food City, and the buying of week-end plunder.

Needed wine, food, and the bus service is closing at 1:30 today, and of course no week-end service, so had to get it done.

Once at Food City, we of course had to go and annoy our good friend Dave Light a moment or two, Campbell Insisted!

Truly, it was decreed by King Campbell that we would go upstairs. As I was going to check out, I was working on the assumption that they could not sell that wine, until after 11 AM. So, as I was standing there wondering what to do while I waited, the lady helping said, Campbell kept looking over toward the elevator, and so I decided he must be asking to go and see Uncle Dave, and well, what else is there to do? When “The King Speaks” his mistress must of course obey!

Once we were through visiting, and getting our plunder, and learning that we had not needed to wait after all, we caught a ride home, and to what we thought was the end of our ramblings!

Ha! That was not to be at all! No Way!

Once I began to put things away, I realized I’d forgotten something. I thought things over a minute, checked the temp outside, and decided. I decided it was time to see if we could get to our fave corner store and back. So, off we went.

We took our time. I let Campbell stop and park, as well as have a bit of sniff time. I stopped occasionally, and chatted with a neighbor here and there, and by golly, and gum, we made it.

I rested there a few moments, got what I’d come for, and off to home we went.

Again, we took our time. Again, we stopped along the way, and we even got wet a couple times as it tried to decide whether it would rain or not.

We’re home now, cooling off under the air-conditioner, and all is right with our world!

We’ve wine, food, and my heart-rate, went to 85 beats per minute while walking, and has now dialed back to a constant, and rather strong 60 even.

I’m happy with that. I really believe these issues are gonna heal themselves, and I am going to, in the end, be better than ever.

My Bubba, has already stopped panting, has stretched himself out onto the couch, and is readying himself for an afternoon snooze.

By golly and gum, he deserves it!

Yall have an awesome…wonderful…super-great-day! and Blessid Be.


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