Positive Perspective: All Things Made Over In the Campbell Kingdom

Positive Perspective: All Things Made Over In the Campbell Kingdom

WOW! CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! Glad yall stopped by. Hope you got a minute to sit, cause We got a tale for You.

What’s going on? You ask. WOW! Where to begin…? Well, yall know about all the cleaning and clearing I’ve been doing. HOw I moved all kind of junk out of this house. Just threw it away like it weren’t nothin’ and it weren’t because I’d been living without it forever. It had been stuffed away mixed into a closet with all my EX Fiance’s junk, and I simply did not want to go through cleaning, separating, and figuring out what to keep and what not. I simply decided I saw nothing I had needed up to this point, and I had a Throw it the hell out! Party! WOW! What a release! I threw away old clothing, electronics, junk that wouldn’t work in a million billion years, and things I’d not touch with my bare hands if you paid me, and yall that’s bad! Cause I need money!

Well, after all that, my cleaning ladies, Faye and Viola, (hope I’m not misspelling) started cleaning this house began to take shape. I am telling yall what’s the truth, “Right Here and Now! Woolf!” NOW they’re done. In just a day and half they finished everything on our list. Last of March they’ll come back and wash walls in living room/dining-room and ready them and the hall-way for painting. Then Tim Fletcher my painter, carpet cleaner, and all around awesome dude! Will come in and paint and clean carpets. He has a crew, and I trust him absolutely! When he’s done with living room/dining-room and hall then carpets will be done throughout entire house. Once this is done, we’ll wait until later in the fall to do bed-rooms and bathroom. Grant only will do so much!

I could get it done for less, but I would not have this kind of help, trust, and ability to network with him and acquire services such as…Landscaping for yard, and help with windows. I wouldn’t have someone I could call for advice when making decisions on things to buy for improvement projects, and I well, I’m just very lucky to have all this, and by golly! You get what you pay for! I’m so ever grateful!

How did this happen? Well, I qualify for some services provided by the ARC of WAshington County, in Johnson City Tennessee. They’re a wonderful resource, and if memory serves correct a UnitedWay sponsored organization. They are a Nonprofit and they do some awesome work.

I’m just so excited, happy, and filled with joy I am still in shock from it all.

I simply decided I did not like what was going on in my life, and realized that what I’d been writing was true.

I had no way to get back and forth from town to town for work any longer due to some sort of ADA Law Change I don’t quite yet understand. I could not yet bring myself to move half way across the state away from my dad, and rest of my family, whether they want me right now is not relevant. I love them, and someday I’m going to need them, or they’re going to need me, so unless Goddess says one-hundred percent go, I’m here! I decided I wanted my house to be as I’d imagined it could so many times. I began to make plans, talk to business people, and began to find I had more resources than I thought, and that if I worked as hard as all those helping me we could make it happen. Here I am making it happen!

I’m sore! I am exhausted! I am elated! And never before did I ever dream that such magnificent things could happen in my world. Campbell and I are quite literally recreating our whole life, and turning middle aged together is no longer scary or sad, but an adventure.

Well, that’s that… What do you think?

Do you think we can do all this? Do you think that I really will get it all done, and have that big renewal house warming party I want to have?

Well, come on back another day and check in to see how we’re makin’ it. I’m bettin’ we’ll be right here resting our bones from another adventurous week.

Until next time this is Patty and her ever awesome King Campbell A.K.A. Bubba saying…
May harmony find you, and Blessid Be!


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