Positive Perspective!: A Short Burst of Happiness!

Positive Perspective!: A Short Burst of Happiness!

Good afternoon CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! So Happy you’ve stopped by. I don’t have but just a moment to chat, as my father is coming by to visit a moment or so, but I just wanted to take a moment to say just how awesome I’m feeling today! I am feeling pretty awesome happy, and content these days. Even though I continue to have allot of Negativity and Strife in my World, I am also receiving all kinds of blessing. How can their be both? You ask…

WOW! Where to begin? Firstly each of the trials I have, and continue to experience are making me stronger. Teaching me allot, and showing me exactly what I want no more of. Second of all I am finding new friends, and places of belonging while going through the negative dark times. While going through these struggles I’ve reached out to folks for prayers. I’ve spoken to people about what I’m going through, and in doing so have found all sorts of new people places, and things that I’ve never known of had I not had these times of struggle in my life.

Isn’t it just the most awesome thing ever when we open ourselves to Spirit? Is it not just fabulous when we actually step out of Mother Father God’s way and let them work in our lives?

As I’ve said before, no matter how you go at it, this path we’re on is leading to a most magnificent place, and one day we will reach it. In the meantime, enjoy the journey!!!

Well, just as I suspected this is a short post and now must come to an end. Don’t know if it is my dad, or someone else, but there is a car in the drive, and the upstairs dogs are going wild with excitement, and even the most famous laziest of all Labradors in the land has risen to see what all the fus is about. So, until next time this is Patty and King Campbell saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be!

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