Positive Perspective: a Peg That Fits In No Hole

Positive Perspective: a Peg That Fits In No Hole

Before I begin please let me say, I’ve tried editing and for whatever reason my TTS is causing issue and not allowing some words to appear correct. I’d also like to invite, and encourage you to share, and speak out on this post!
Good morning CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! Campbell and I are so glad you’ve come back again to read and hopefully learn from, and enjoy another post. We hope this post finds you happy healthy, and well.

This morning I want very much to speak to you about a topic that has been a source of discomfort discontent, and upset for me for quite sometime. For the longest kind of time I simply did not even know the identity of the trouble, then I had to find a way to begin to deal with it, and after that was begun in some fashion it has taken me a little time yet to get to a point so I could express my feelings on the subject. What is the subject? Feeling like ‘a Peg that fits in no hole’

What do I mean by this? Well, let me see if I can explain.
First off as you who know of me, know I have more than one type of disAbility. I am not just blind. I also deal with mental illness, and the physical disAbility of fibromyalgia as well. Why is this such a big problem? Well, because in no group do I completely fit.

When I attend group events or signup for social media groups set up for the blind, I do not fit because my blindness is compromised by the other two disAbilities I have mentioned here. Or, if I join a support center for those with mental illness, my blindness and fibromyalgia becomes an issue. If I should join a group for fibromyalgia sufferers which I haven’t done as yet, I’m more than sure I’m going to run into issue there. Even the world of technology is tricky at best for me, but the great news there is that it is for others as well, so in that I have company.

However, I am really starting to feel very frustrated with this whole deal. If you think discrimination is bad from the public at large, you should trying be a mid-sharpen peg such as myself who is trying to fit into one of the groups I list above. I cannot tell you how many times I have been made to feel left out, and as if I simply were not OK on any level to be in one group or the other.

Even when I attend Friendship Connection, which I love, I feel somewhat left out. Some of the events we have aren’t blind friendly. There are either issues of what to do with Campbell while I am attending the event, or I simply cannot really participate. Even Bingo can be an issue, because I have to find someone to play my card for me. Cannot participate in card games, because no Braille/print decks. Just starting to feel like I belong no place.

In my “A Chance Meeting: a Lady MoonWalker Story” I become a character who not only belongs within her universe, but is welcomed, wanted, and respected by many, but even here there is an ongoing war to separate and cull out those who do not “Quite Fit In”

I do not yet know what the answer is. I first saw this begin when they began to change the way the Schools for the Blind were run. When they began to make them “Schools For the Blind and Multiply Handicap” I began to first be glad, and then dismayed. Fore, even within the confines of this school, there was exclusion and discrimination, and not just between students, but staff as well.

So where do we go from here? I do not know, but I hope that you’ll not only read what I have of my ‘Lady MoonWalker Series’ but send me feedback on this topic. If you’re not comfortable speaking publically here in the comments section, please write me at: patty.volunteer1@gmail.com I really do wish to here from you.

If you’re looking for a place to fit in and belong, let me say that there is hope. At least from where I come. I run three FB groups where all are welcomed, accepted, and loved. They are…
* Campbell’s Corner: the Comfort Zone
* Patty and Pals
* Bob Cat and Friends

I’m hopeful more will join and begin to put forth some real dialog about this most disconcerting issue.

I have recently been told by someone in the Dog Guide instruct “Your problems go far beyond the scope of what we do here” While I know this is true, it was extremely hurtful and noninclusive to be told such, and by a person in the position in which this person is, made it even more so.

However, folks like me aren’t going away, so I plan to keep pressing forward.

Oh yes, before I go let me also tell you of one more place you can find belonging…

My Online magazine seen here in the ‘Newsletter’ section. The Neighborhood News is a news, and literary magazine which deals with the issues of which I speak and more. It is designed to blend the lines that seperate so many from one another, and is a place where, should you wish, you may speak your feelings, tell your story, and be safe doing so.

For now, this is Patty and King Campbell A.K.A. Bubba the “Multi-Dor/ Saying…
We love you, accept you, and welcome you to our world, may harmony find you, and blessid be.

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