Poetic Picks from Lynda McKinney Lambert and her Walking By Inner Vision Blog #PoetryPlace #WordPressWednesday

Poetic Picks from Lynda McKinney Lambert and her Walking By Inner Vision Blog #PoetryPlace #WordPressWednesday

Good, beautiful spring #WordPressWednesday afternoon to you All!

I’m so happy you’ve joined me here in Patty’s Worlds today.

We’ve had author interviews, tips from authors and small business, and inspirational poetry as well.

Now, as we end another incredible time together, I’d like to present to you, some poetry from Lynda McKinney Lambert and her Walking By Inner Vision Blog from the River Road Studio.

If you visit and enjoy her blog, please do leave a comment on the posts to let her know.

Five Demands – Acrostic Poem


Poetry – A Perfect Summer Thunderstorm


Saturday Stopover – Poised & Ready


Poetry – Sometimes


Poetry – Canticle


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AD: First Snow

The E-Book cover for "First Snow", showing a black and white image of two dogs on long leashes against a snowy landscape. The author image shows Lynda McKinney Lambert, a white-haired woman with a blue shirt and a warm smile.

By Lynda McKinney Lambert


NEW! first snow –

Lynda McKinney Lambert

A chapbook collection of

30 wintry-themed poems:

Acid-Free Paper – Archival Quality

Publisher: Leah Maines

Finishing Line Press

P. O. Box 1626

Georgetown, KY 40324

Contact: Finishing Line Press.

$13.99 Paperback



Lynda will be back on the blog soon with an extremely exciting announcement, so stay tuned for news!

Thanks for visiting today and please do come back to enjoy more posts soon.

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  1. I think of how proud my parents would be of me right now. My father never lived to see me graduate with my first degree from the university. He did see me received an academic honors award for being in the Top 10 students at the university at the end of my Junior year – but he died before I graduated. My Mom lived longer – and she lived to see me become the executive director of an art museum, and a professor. I wrote her many letters and post cards during the summers from Austria – She died the same time that I lost my sight in winter 2007 – I lost my sight in January, and she died in March. They would have loved the first book that was published after my sight loss for in that book, I tell the stories of growing up in Western Pennsylvania in the home of a steel worker’s family. I dedicated the book to them – I am the descendent of German immigrants – and I still live in the village settled by them – the Village of Wurtemburg, Pennsylvania.

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