Please Help Right a Serious Wrong by Jo Elizabeth Pinto #NewsNuggets #ServiceAnimals #WordsOfWisdom

Please Help Right a Serious Wrong by Jo Elizabeth Pinto #NewsNuggets #ServiceAnimals #WordsOfWisdom

Copied and pasted from a friend, with some modifications.

It has come to my attention that Walmart is now selling service dog vests. I don’t know if they’re available locally yet, but I checked, and they’re on the Website and on the app. They’ve also been seen in stores across the country. PLEASE NO, this is DANGEROUS. Some people might not realize how its dangerous, so let me explain.

Service dogs go through hundreds, sometimes thousands of hours of specialized training in order to behave appropriately in public and to assist their disabled handlers. By selling these vests in Walmart, shoppers are encouraged to buy these and put them on their untrained pets, and possibly bring them into public establishments as an attempt to pass off their pets as legitimate service dogs. Not only is it illegal to falsely represent a pet as a service animal, but it can present a very real danger to legitimate service dog handler teams.

1. Allowing untrained animals in public accommodations is a liability. They could potentially urinate or defecate in inappropriate areas and pose a health risk, or damage merchandise and cause hardship to the store. Additionally, they often cause disruptions by barking and having poor leash manners, running up to strangers, etc.

2. Even the most friendly pet can become defensive and bite out of fear in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by unfamiliar people. Its also unethical to put a pet through this kind of situation that it hasn’t been trained for. It causes the pet unnecessary stress.

3. Untrained pets and fake service animals in public have become so common that many businesses have developed a negative view of service animals. people who utilize legitimate service dogs in order to live independent lives are facing discrimination as a result.

4. Untrained pets posing as service animals often bark, lunge, or growl at legitimate service animals as they pass. This can be dangerous in multiple ways, even if the pet never comes into direct contact with the service animal. Distractions like this can cause medical alert service dogs to miss life-saving signs of seizures, drops in blood sugar, etc. Mobility or guide dogs might lead their handlers into danger or allow the handlers to fall and become injured.

5. Unfortunately, attacks on legitimate service animals by pets are not uncommon. In many cases, a service animal that has been attacked can become traumatized and be forced to retire from its work. There have also been several instances of service animals being killed by pets in public. This is devastating for obvious reasons.

Walmart is one of the most common non-pet friendly places to which shoppers bring their pets. At most locations, signs are clearly posted at the front doors, indicating that only service animals are welcome. The fact that Walmart is now selling vests allowing people to pass off their pets as service dogs is disappointing and disturbing. Fraud is now easily accessible to pet parents everywhere.

First of all, please don’t purchase one of these vests, and discourage those you know from doing so. If you see these vests being sold in your local Walmart, I encourage you to have a conversation with the manager of that location and request they be taken off the shelves in order to protect legitimate service dog teams.

However, more needs to be done. For the safety of shoppers, pet dogs, and service animals and their handlers, please use this link to contact the corporate headquarters of Walmart. The bottom line is the only thing that will get the giant’s attention. If Walmart figures out that more people, with and without disabilities, dislike the vests than approve of them, they will disappear from the store shelves.


  1. This is very sad to read, Patty. Corporates will do anything for money and it just isn’t right.

    1. Hi Robbie. Yes, it’s a shame what the large conglomerates do.
      It’s even more shameful that people would pretend to be disabled so they can have a dog or other animal with them.
      Not long ago someone said to me, “Oh, I wish I could take a dog everywhere with me.”
      So, as is the case for me, I opened my mouth and junk fell out.
      i said, “Oh! Well, you can!”
      “I can?”
      “Sure!” I answered happily, “You just need to be blind, deaf, cripled, or possibly a veterine back from the war with post Tramatic Stress Syndrome. No big deal at all.”
      Sorry, I have the highest respect for companion animals. My Rowdy Beagle and now Prince Edward are crucial to me but they don’t belong in public and I would never pretend otherwise.
      Besides, I think Prince Edward might claw my head off if i tried putting him onto a plane. LOL.
      Thanks for reading and sorry about my long comment.

      1. Sorry, I should clarify. Rowdy was a Beagle I had for 15 years before I got Campbell. LOL.
        Thanks again for reading.

  2. I had a wonderful little Labrador/bull terrier mix I adored. She was a sweet dog who spent much of her time cuddled up in my lap before I had to rehome her with a different family who better suited her needs. The absolute last place she belonged was in public. That would have been bad for all involved parties.

    1. Rowdy loved to go out into public. But the only time I ever did it was when he needed to go to the vet. Unlike my transit company where I live now, the company in the town where I lived at the time allowed companion animals onto their service.
      However, they only did so if they needed to be transported to a vet.
      Now, I don’t think any transport companies allow companion or as they’re called now, comfort animals onto their services.
      This is both good and not good all at the same moment.
      It is good because it keeps all the illmannered brats off our services. Bad because I am unable to find a good solid way to get Prince Edward to the vet.
      However, I’m aware that if they went back to allowing vet trips, we’d most likely have barely if at all controlled chaos because most people with those animals don’t know how to make their little darlings behave.
      If I hear one more person say, “Oh, he just wants to say hello.” I may leave the reservation and never return. LOL.
      At least I don’t have to share an airplane with a peacock.
      OK rant over.
      Great post.
      PS. Your brownies post was also a hit.

  3. I would have liked to meet Rowdy Beagle. At home, of course, not on a bus. 🙂 And yes, those brownies are delicious.

    1. Hey Jo, Rowdy was a total blast to have.
      BTW? Your Browny post is getting love over on FB too.
      Pretty sure you were tagged. Love to see people sharing your work.

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