Pieces and Parts: a Lady MoonWalker Story Not Yet Written

Pieces and Parts: a Lady MoonWalker Story Not Yet Written

Hi Readers! Thanks for stopping by. Got time for a bit of a story? I got this idea rolling round and want to try and figure it into the Lady MoonWalker Stories. If you’re following the ‘A Chance Meeting’ series, you know Derrick Gibbous, and Laya MoonWalker are in the big middle of a double sided, dirty deal. You also know we’re not quite sure who is on what side.

In the following scene we open with Laya coming to in a dark, and stormy alley way. With no idea of how she and her dog King got there, or from where they came. Is her mental illness rearing its ugly head at a most inconvenient time, or is evil afoot? Read onward if you dare…
Be Ware, and enjoy!

### The cold wind whipped round them from all sides as they made there way down the narrow alley way. Even the closeness of the buildings did not buffer them. The half frozen rain was driven into their bodies like miniature ice picks, and the worst part was that she had no idea of how they’d gotten there or from where they’d come.

She had come to herself about 30 minutes or so back, lying curled into a ball, with her arms wrapped around a violently shivering King. He’d been making a fearful keening sound, the like of which she’d never heard before, and hoped to all the Hells she never heard such again. Just as suddenly as she and King had awakened in that alley way the way in front of them opened suddenly upon a very busy intersection, and behind them? It was as if the alley way had never been there at all. King whimpered as the full force of the wind hit them, and Laya shivered as she tried to gain her bearings. She stood with King by her side trying to pick up on any audio clue to let her know where they might be, but the wind was howling so that she could hear nothing more than a dull roar from the traffic. The rain was starting to turn to all ice, and the sounds were just too confused. She stepped hesitantly forward to get closer to the curb, as to gain a better idea of her surroundings, when out of the confusion came a car. It seemed to float to the curb, and as it did the window rolled down, and a voice from within asked, “Ride my lady?”

As she settled king and herself into the warm car a few moments later it was all she could do to keep her teeth from chattering. She took the blanket he offered her gratefully, and shaking it open spread it over her and the soaking wet and shivering dog. As she worked to dry them the door shut with a slam beside her, and she shivered again. Whether from the cold or his fury she could not decide. “Well, Gods Damn It! You’re not the only one with questions!” She thought angrily as she worked. Once Derrick was back in the car and they were moving with the heat blasting through her frozen state of shock he asked, “What in all Hells were you doing out in this storm?” He pulled smoothly onto the freeway and after bringing the car up to speed and setting it to auto he continued, “I’ve been driving round looking for the two of you for hours. We were supposed to have met for an early dinner. Did you get so caught up in chasing shadows that you forgot?” She turned her face toward him, and in a voice quite not her own said, “Derrick, I have no idea how I got there, or what happened before. All I know is that King witnessed something that frightened the wits out of him, and I woke feeling like my body had been stretched and snapped like a rubber band, and my mind had been stuffed full of cotton. So, you tell me? You’re the one who came driving up from no where, just as I step out of what was very obviously a portal. How’s that for a question?” Her shivering due to the cold was being replaced with anger. Suddenly a large gust of wind rocked the car, and the frozen rain that had been falling softly all this time was suddenly pouring from all directions. Derrick fought to gain manual control of the car, and for a moment the argument was lost to the wind itself. When he’d finally regained control they drove in silence for a moment. Finally she asked, “Derrick, what was that?” “An ice squall, nothing to be terribly worried about, but if it’s going to get worse we want to be inside.” “Derrick, I really don’t know what happened.” She began to cry. He reached across the consol and briefly took her hand. “It’s OK let’s just get somewhere dry and warm, and we’ll figure the rest out.”

As Derrick concentrated on the road ahead, and finding a rest stop with a hotel a car slid into the flow of traffic behind them. The dark figure at the wheel seethed with anger. “How the Hells had she evaded him again? She was supposed to have remain incapable of movement for 30 minutes after awakening, but it had not taken hold at all. She’d begun moving almost upon awakening. All that damned training had kicked in over time, and undone all that work. “I’ll make her pay in every way possible when I get my hands on her! Make her howl and beg before I’m done!” He fumed as the car ahead gained distance once again.

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