Pieces and Parts a Lady Moon Walker Story Part Two: Storm and the Walk Back

Pieces and Parts a Lady Moon Walker Story Part Two: Storm and the Walk Back

Hi everybody! Glad you stopped by. I’m hanging out with yet another half written story. This one goes with the one you all helped me write the other day. Yet again another piece of the puzzle I cannot quite get to fit. When we last saw Derrick and Laya they were driving through a horrible storm. Derrick had just appeared out of no where to rescue Laya from a foggy frozen corner where she’d found herself after walking out what she believed to be a portal.

So well…? What do you think? Think I should try and dream up why she was there, and further more, why was Derrick also there just in the nick of time? Oh! Yes! Let us not forget that someone is following them. Obviously the someone who is the reason for Laya and King to have been in that frozen alley/portal in the first place. Is that the same dark figure seen earlier in our tale lurking in the shadows outside Laya’s room?

### As Derrick settled the three of them in the spacious rooms he’d rented in a little out of the way motel just outside Casimia City Proper, Laya tried feverishly to remember what she and king had done during the 4 and 1/2 hours Derrick said he’d been looking for her, that she simply could not remember. “Tell me again. What’s the last thing you remember?” Derrick asked as he made yet another lap round the room. “Derrick! Damn it! I told you! I left the hotel after breakfast with you this morning, caught a hover craft bus to the interplanetary offices of the Blinded Lives Federation, and was in conference for half the day with 3 of the board members working there.” Derrick came over and stood in front of her. “And I told you no one saw you! They called me right after lunch because the hotel desk told them I’d escorted you to the hover craft pad. Which I did, but I did not see you board. I left you there because I had to go to a meeting. The memory you have is obviously false. Whether because someone grabbed and drugged you, or you had an episode I don’t know, but that memory did not happen. There is no record of any hover craft bus having transported you anywhere in the city. No record of your having entered the BFL Federation building, nothing!” “Then what the hell happened? Damn It! I remember! I remember what Randle Jennings was drinking! I saw him!” She put her face in her hands and groaned in obvious frustration. “I don’t understand!” He came over and knelt down in front of her. Taking her face into his hands. “Listen, let’s just take a break. Get something to eat, and we’ll try again.” “Try what again. You can ask me till the new year, and it won’t make a fucking bit of difference. I remember what I remember. How can I know anything else but what is in my mind?” “Honey, obviously something happened to you. Obviously for whatever the reason this memory has been manufactured in your mind, but whatever else happened is in there too, and that’s what I want to bring forward.” “How? What can you do that you’ve not done?” He took a steadying breath. “Laya, how far do you trust me?” “I don’t understand.” “Just what I asked, how far do you trust me? Do you trust me not to knowingly harm, or allow another to harm you?” She sat for only a moment gathering her thoughts. She thought of all that had passed between them. Of the times he’d ignored her, left her broken hearted, and alone holding all the blame, and of all the different reasons why. She thought of how very deeply she loved him, and she thought of all the reasons why. “I trust you.” “Really trust me? Without doubt?” Again she thought. Long and hard. She knew what he was getting at, and she knew she’d have to trust him to make it even have a remote chance of working. “Yes, I trust you.”

When the dinner he’d ordered while she’d been in the shower arrived Laya was just finishing with grooming King. She tucked him into the extra bed in the room, and kissing him said, “I don’t know what you saw King but it is over now, and nothing is going to hurt you.” He licked her face with his over sized tongue and curled up to sleep. “Baby’s exhausted.” She said coming into the main room of the suet. ‘He’ll be OK. It’s his momma I’m worrying about right now.” He said coming over to her. As he came close she reached for him. “I don’t know just how you managed to be where you were when you were, but I am sure glad as all Hells that you were. I’m so tired, and well… Derrick I don’t mind to say it. I’m scared. My meds are absolutely down the line. I’ve just run the blood numbers again. I had no previous warning triggers. I just don’t think it was an episode. I think someone would like you to think so.” He held her and stroked her long dark hair. It was still damp from her shower, and the scent was more than tantalizing. “Baby, I don’t know what happened to you, but if there’s a way to unlock the emory I’ll find it. Let’s just eat, and relax. We’ve got time. We’re safe here. I’ve got the entire motel warded, and a live guard besides.” She raised her head. “You think all that is necessary?” “Laya, if you say you did not have an episode, as well in hand as you seem to have your illness, I have no reason to not suspect fowl play. That means wards, and live guards until further notice. That also means you do not run off without absolutely notifying me of absolutely everywhere you go until this is solved.” “That’s going to be hard to do if I’m to leave day after the witch’s ball.” “Laya! You’re not going near that fucking witch’s ball, and you’re certainly not going home!” “Well, I do not know about the going home part, but I am most absolutely going to that witch’s ball, and there’s nothing short of you tying me some place to stop me, and then only if you can shield me from using power to lose myself.” He took a breath. “We’ll negotiate the witch’s ball, but don’t tempt me about the tie-down.” She giggled in spite of the situation, and for a moment they just stood holding each other. Just then the door indicator sounded, and she jumped. “It’s OK I got it. Go sit down.”

Once dinner was served and the attendant gone, Derrick asked, “You’re willing to allow me to transport you?” She took a long deep drink of the strong hot spiced molt wine. “Yes I’m willing.” “Even though I have to put you to sleep?” “Yes Derrick! We’ve been through this. I know that you cannot allow me to know anything about where you take me or how we get there. I realize that until you and I are actually mated, if that happens you cannot tell me anything much more than I know about exactly what your abilities are. I’m OK with all that. You hurt my feelings, and well, kind of destroyed my idea of trust about love matters, but I know you’d never let something happen to e on purpose. I want to find out what the Hells happened to me, and if you and your Order of the Night can help do that, then let’s fucking do it!” He sighed, and got to his feet. “You’re going to have to curb your tongue a bit else Randle Jennings’ first order is going to be to have you strapped, and if you think I’m kidding try him. He very much dislikes young ladies with trash mouth.” She took a deep breath. “I’ll be the picture of school girl innocents. OK?” He laughed, walked round to her chair, kissed her and said, “You want him to make me cane you don’t you?” She laughed, and after he’d settled at the table again they took some time to simply shoot the shit.

When they’d finished dinner and an entire picture of molt wine, Derrick asked, “Are you ready?” “No…!” “No? He nearly laughed. What do you…?” She did laugh. “Just pulling your leash, dude! It’s OK yeah I’m ready. Except, what about King?” “What about him? He’s going with us. You did not think I’d leave him did you?” “Well, I wasn’t sure. I mean I have no idea how you’re transporting us. I know about transporting, but I myself…” He gently snuggled her to him. “I’m taking you through a gateway, I’ll put the both of you to sleep just before I open it because you cannot know the incantation. You’d be able to weave it easily. I cannot allow that knowledge to be passed. I’ll take you through, and when we’re where the Walk Back is to take place I’ll wake you. If it is alright with you, I’d like to leave King sleeping.” “Why?” “Because whatever happened to you frightened him, and you’re liable to become upset if and when you remember, and…” “What do you mean if?” “Laya there’s a chance this won’t work. Slight though it is, it is possible that we cannot open your mind to that memory. At least on the first try.” She took a steadying breath and asked, “And if it doesn’t work on the first try? What then? Well, we’ll have to go deeper, and that might take a bit more doing then any of us are willing to do at this point. The Order basically thinks you blanked. Dissassociated. I’m sorry. The only reason they’re going through this at all is to prove me wrong, and that I made a mistake allowing myself back into your life. I have to be completely honest with you.” “Yeah, and I haven’t any choice but to go along with it, else not know what happened, and the not knowing is worse than the rest. No matter what.” “OK then we’re ready to begin?” She breathed deeply, and said, “Yes, let’s do it.”

He tucked her into bed with King. “I still don’t see the need for all this.” “It’s best you and king go to sleep together, and it’s best for you if you do it with me in this roll. It is a matter of bonding and trust.” She smiled. “So do I get a bed time story?” He kissed her. “You’re going to get something else for bed when this is all over. For now, let’s just get this done.” She sighed, and stroked the big dog’s fur. He snored unaware of all that was about to take place. “Tired dogs are good dogs.” She sighed, as the prick of the needle touched her arm. She almost jumped, but his hand steady on her arm stopped her. “You first, since King’s already snoozing. Good night My Lady.” He leaned down, and as the needle made its mark he nipped her on he neck. She started to speak, but the words died on her lips, as the darkness of deep sleep over took her.

Well, folks, that’s as far as my weary mind will go. What do you think? Will Derrick and the Order of the Night retrieve Laya’s memory? Do they truly want it revealed? Let me know in the comment section, or PM me. You can also write me at: patty.volunteer1@icloud.com

Until next time, this is Patty AKA Lady MoonWalker saying…

Blended lives, go with blended times…

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