Picking the Best of 2016 and a Note From King Campbell

Picking the Best of 2016 and a Note From King Campbell

Happy New Year! CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS! Can you believe it? Just barely 9 more hours in this year! I’m amazed to see how very quickly this year has gone by. Haven’t gotten nearly what I’d hoped accomplished during this year, but I’ll not focus on the lack, rather I’d like to focus on what I have done.

Now, Campbell and I have had our ups and downs. That’s just the way of it for us, I have said to him many times, “Bubba, I know it is mighty hard to be my pup, but I sure am glad you are.” His response to this is always the same. I swear it is as if he knows exactly what I am saying when I do, because he always comes to me, puts his big slobbery mouth round my arm and chews and slobbers on me with great happiness, and love. I just do not know what I’d do without him, and that is “Fur Sure!”

Today as we pass from one year to the next, I’d like to call on you, the reader, to help with a project Campbell and I are working on. Earlier this morning we made an announcement on FB. We asked for folks to please pick their favorite posts from campbellsworld during 2016 and share them in the comment section, and on their timelines. So far we’ve gotten no response, but I’m certain this is simply because folks are celebrating with family and friends, so no worries there. Later this morning though, I got to looking at my stats here, and found that there are quite a few of you who have liked some posts I have written or shared here, and so now I’m calling on you for help with this project. What we’d like is for you to pick some of your favorite posts, and name their titles in the comment section here, and if you’re so moved share them on your on blogs, FB timelines, or anywhere else you’d like. We’d really love to know what you liked during this year. Whether it is my original work, a newsletter, or another’s work I’ve shared. We are striving to improve in 2017 and there’s no way to do it without knowing what it is you really liked.

So, how about it CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS? Can you help us out? We’d be ever grateful to you if you did.

We’d like to say thanks, and again wish you a safe, prosperous and happy New Year!

***!!!FYI!!!*** Hey! You! Guys! King Campbell AKA Bubba here! How yall doing? Yeah I said Y’all! I’m a true real live Bubba! I’m just bursting in here to remind you that my mommy and me would not at all have ever gotten together had it not been for that most magik and ancient homeland of mine, The Seeing Eye, and to ask if you might want to help them out by sending them an end of the year donation. There’s this thing called a website and it is http://TheSeeingEye.org
Now I don’t know all I know about it, but I have heard the humans say that if you go there you can send The Seeing some treasure. I tried to send Trainer Drew a bone once, but the mail man said I could not do it, so I ate it instead. I personally thought it was a great treasure, and I just know he’d have loved it, but that old hateful human just would not send it so there wasn’t anything to do for it but crunch it up on his behalf, but I’m sure yall humans can figure out just what sort of treasure The Seeing Eye might need or want and see to it that they get it before midnight tonight. If you do decide to do it, please let them know that King Campbell Lee AKA Bubba sent you, and that we love them here in the Campbell Kingdom. Like my mommy did say, we have had our up times, and our down times, but even the most down of down times haven’t been all bad, because thanks to our most “Wise and Ancient” Trainer Drew we have our “Team Power” Well in paw, and we always see each other through even the most darkest of times. When I was sick summer before last my mommy made certain to take real good care of me, and when she had to go to that place called the CSU I made certain to take real good care of her, and now here we are at the end of another great year together, and I am ever way happy to have my human mother by my side. So make sure to help them out today! I hear they’re about to turn something like 88 years old, and I believe that is a magik thing and it does indeed make them really ancient. So let us help to make sure they have lots of birthdays to come. Thanks way lots, and like mommy said, Happy New Year!

Well, folks that’s all for now, until next time this is Patty and King Campbell Lee AKA Bubba saying…

May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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