Pennies and Pine

Pennies and Pine

Good morning to all, and Happy Thor’s Day.

I tell you, I’ve been up and going so long it already feels like mid-day.

I woke at just after 3, and after snuggling with Campbell and giving him a thorough belly rub and body massage, I decided that if I wasn’t going back to sleep I may as well get up and get busy with all I had to do for the day.

First, while having my coffee, I had a chat on the phone with a neighbor who was awake in the wee hours of the morning too.

By the time we’d finished, Campbell was awake, and ready to go out. So, before the sun had peeped its head up over the rim of Mother Earth, we sat out for his majesty’s sniff fest.

Oh, how we did both enjoy it. We walked most of our walking route, and then played in the yard.

Once back inside, I fed him and then I began my housework.

While sweeping up in the kitchen, I found a penny hiding behind the trashcan. I am one who believes in saving loose change, so even finding a penny was exciting to me. So, I went straight away and dropped it into my “Always Coffee and Wine Can” making sure to shake it and say my “Always Coffee and Wine” chant before going on with the rest of my work.

While cleaning out from behind the dishwasher, I discovered some utensils which had fallen back there and was overjoyed to find my favorite paring knife, and cheese slicer. “I thought those were gone forever!” I declared as I tossed them into the kitchen sink.

Once the kitchen was done, I hit the bathroom, and gave it a thorough piney scrub. “I don’t know how one human can be so nasty.” I grumped, while down on my knees in front of the tub scrubbing away the ring. “Surely evil elves come in during the night and bath without cleaning up after themselves. I couldn’t possibly be this nasty. But, the piney scent of this cleaner does smell good.” I decided as I finished up, rinsing out my rags and hanging them up to dry.

Then while reading email on my IPhone via way of Siri and Crotona I cleaned up the living room, and though I was warn out from all my exertions I felt satisfied with a job well done.

Now, here I sit, my second cup of coffee gone, ready for the rest of the day ahead. There’s no telling what else I may get into today but I can do whatever it is knowing that my home is straight for another week, or until the evil elves return.

I hope all of you find great satisfaction in all you do this day.


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