Peace, Honesty and starting Anew

Peace, Honesty and starting Anew

There is never a reason to be unnecessarily unkind rude, or ill-mannered to another. Whether it be in public, in private, or anywhere in between. I do not care the circumstance, and even if your actions, or words appear to be sweet and innocent, if they’re written spoken or acted with bad intent it is wrong. We must start a movement around the world that creates a more peace filled atmosphere, not filled with ill intent.

I do not want to give the impression that there shouldn’t be consequences for bad behavior. Even when forgiveness is given, sometimes punishment is necessary. Especially when people are obviously going out of their way to be disrespectful, and even harmful to others.

I have been guilty of such bad behavior in the past, and on this day, April 24 2016. I decree that I, Patty Fletcher AKA Lady MoonWalker, will do my best to try to be kind, caring, and loving toward others, even if they’re not so to me.

I will not always succeed. I am human, thus not perfect. I am with fault as are all, but I am going to do my very best to do this at every opportunity.

Why do I feel this is important?

I feel it might very well be my own past behavior which causes such things,  currently happening in my life. So if I wish to have resolution to this which I currently find myself in. If I wish to have peace within my heart, and life, as well as within my spirit, soul, and mind, I must start within and then work to create that which is helpful to the entire world, and beyond.

To do this, I first feel I must speak the truth about some things. Not because anyone makes me do so, or because I feel guilt, but because it is my own wish to clear things within my life, and start anew.

Each day is a new day, literally a new life. A new beginning. It is absolutely true what is said that, “Today is yesterday’s tomorrow, and tomorrow is another day”

I no longer wish for dishonesty to plague me, and so I must first be honest myself. First I want to address some questions that have been asked of me since the writing of my first book.

Here are some questions that have been asked of me, and my answers…

Q) Why are you still struggling with things of the past where your mistakes with your trainer from The Seeing Eye are concerned?

A) Because I have not yet forgiven myself, nor have I truly been given a chance to have everlasting closure. Even though there was one opportunity where in I was allowed a brief conversation concerning all that happened, it was not truth filled or forth coming on either side.

Q) What did your now EX fiancé do that has caused him to be imprisoned?

A) Donnie was found guilty of sexual exploitation of a miner. He was found to have in his possession illegal pornographic materials, and it was believed, although never proven that he sexually abused four boys. I was not aware of this behavior, and when I began to realize it was true, I left him for good, and have no more to do with him.

Q) If you could say one thing to Mr. Drew Gibbon, yours and Campbell’s trainer what would that be?

A) I would like very much to say to him that I am truly sorry for my behavior, that I wish for him to forgive me, and that I believe in the beginning both our motives were clear, healthy and true. I also would say, that it would be my finest wish to apologize to his wife as well, because no woman should have to have their married life disrupted by such behavior as what I displayed while so very ill. I would close with this, “I am very sorry that I allowed my illness to become so very badly out of control, and if I were given one do over, it would be to have been honest with him from the very beginning concerning the fact that my then fiancé was abusing me, and that he was having legal issues. I wish sir, I had never entangled you in this lie, and it is also my belief, if you and I had remained truthful friends with one another, the work I wished to do with the writing of my book could’ve been awesome, and would’ve truly helped The Seeing Eye. I also wish to say that our original goal was to make Campbell and I the best team we could be, and we did achieve that goal. In fact, if you could see us as we are now, it is my belief you would think we had acceded this goal.”

Q) What was your desire when you wrote your book?

A) My desire in writing my book, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life was to let the world know of an awesome organization. An organization which through their incredible Dog Guide program gave to me a new start in life, and even though I lost my way for quite a while, because of having Campbell by my side, I was and am able to work toward a new and everlasting life of becoming as well as possible, and remaining so while being as independent as is possible. I also wished to raise funds for the organization The Seeing Eye, and still wish all I have just written to be true.

Q) What do you think it would truly take to set things right? 

A) I think if we could sit down, either on the phone, or in person, and actually have an open and honest conversation that things could be set right, and that no more hard feelings would be had by anyone.

Now, I’d like to address a couple of other issues…

Here are some things I have been accused of, that I’d like to set the record straight on.

First off, I did not lie about not changing my grandson Cash’s diaper that long ago day with my daughter, nor did I lie about where I found the pull up I used to do so.

Secondly I did not lie about the exchange that happened between my grand niece and I, and I have tried to make that situation right on several occasions and to no good end.

I also did not lie about what my niece in law said on her daughter’s birthday to me and my sister and my sister is lying when she says it did not happen, and I am tired of all the dishonesty and manipulation going on within my “family”

I am no longer going to behave that way, and if those around me are going to refuse to live by the standards they claim to have then I wish to have no more to do with them.

My nephew always claimed to be truthful with how he felt toward me, and always claimed he would be honest with me up front if he should ever feel another way, and I have now realized that this was not the case.

I wish to have these things resolved, but if they’re not resolvable, then I simply wish to be separated from them completely and one-hundred percent.

It is at this moment in time, quite obvious to me that none within that family are willing to resolve a thing, and in fact just now when I walked Campbell I fell over my grand niece’s bike, that was once again left in the pathway I take when I walk him. She knowingly does this, and it seems to me at times as if she is being encouraged to do so.

Q) What do I hope to achieve by writing and publishing this work on my blog?

I wish to clear the air round me. I wish to start truly anew, and I am at the very least going to forgive myself, ask for and receive forgiveness from Mother Father God, and work as hard as I can to move “Forward” from this into a new and wonderful life.

Until next time, this is Patty, Campbell, and Bobcat saying, may harmony truly find you, and blessid be.

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