Paws on the Street Part Twenty-Three – What Is This Valentine’s Day?

Paws on the Street Part Twenty-Three – What Is This Valentine’s Day?

Paws on the Street Part 23 – What Is This Valentine’s Day?

Told by Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue and Prince Edward A.K.A. Sweet Eddie.

Written by the Service Human Patty L. Fletcher

February 17, 2022


The winter birds are leaving, the first wave of summer birds have arrived.

Though the wind is strong and chilly, we know winter is saying good-bye.

The frost is getting lighter, and the sun is higher in the sky.

So, we are reassured that spring and then summer will soon be saying hi.


Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue and his side cat Prince Edward A.K.A. Sweet Eddie reporting in.

Monday, early morning…


The sun wasn’t quite up when mommy woke up this morning. We’d been up extremely late last night having what mommy and our neighbor friend called a Superbowl party. Sweet Eddie and I didn’t care either way about the football game on the TV I mean, we couldn’t chase the ball, run around on the field or anything so, we settled for getting lots of pets and watching our humans laugh and smile.

“I like it when our mommy laughs, don’t you?” Sweet Eddie asked.

“Yeah, but I wish mommy would come up off those BB&Q chips.” I grumbled.

“Neow! You know PURRFECTLY well, you are Dog, and you must not eat such things.”

“Sure, I do but I can want them, can’t I?”

“I suppose, but it’s no good wanting something you cannot have so why don’t you ask mommy for something you can have?”

“You know, for a cat you’re pretty smart.”

I stood up out of the floor and walked over to the big cold box in the corner. I knew my Whimsies were up                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              and I wanted an alligator shaped one to chew.

When Eddie saw what I was about, he looked up and seeing his bag of treats sounded the alarm.


Mommy turned from the TV and what our friend was saying, put down her wine glass and gave us boys a pet each.

“Hmmm? I get a feeling you boys are teaming up on me. Are you wanting treats?”

“Sneeze! Stomp! Shake! Jingle! YES! BARK!”

“Meowowowow! Yes! Please?”

Prince Edward and I sang out together.

Finally, mommy got what we wanted, and we truly joined the party. But now, it was early morning, mommy was getting into the big tub of water, listening to one of her talky books and we could do nothing but doze until she was done.

When mommy came into the kitchen later grabbing our food and water dishes as she went, she was in such a rush I feared we were going to be leaving soon and I had to admit, though Prince Edward and I didn’t drink wine or beer I was a bit hung over.

After we’d eaten and mommy and I had gone out for our morning walk, I was delighted to learn we wouldn’t be going anywhere this day. I knew we had places to go and humans to visit later in the week but for today, all I wanted was to lay in my crate, on the loveseat or on the foot of mommy’s bed and nap.

While mommy talked to the people in the computer I cannot smell or see, and Prince Edward munched on his food I lay on mommy’s bed dozing and waiting for the next thing to happen. Then, just as I was about to curl up for a serious snooze, the doorbell rang.

Leaping off the bed and scampering into the living room, skidding to a hard stop only when mommy called, “Blue, sit! Rest!” I waited to see who was at the door. Was it our friend from next door? Could it be a pizza?

“No! You silly dog!” Prince Edward called from his blanket, “It’s too early in the day for pizza. It’s that Instacart thingy! It’s some sort of holiday, mommy must’ve bought presents.”

“You think?” I barked.

“Hush Blue.” Mommy called.

“Gosh.” I thought, “Don’t she know me, and Sweet Eddie are talking?”

Anyhow, mommy opened the door and the lady who had brought all the stuff mommy had ordered carried in the bags.

Sniffing the air carefully from where I sat trying not to wiggle so much as a whisker for fear of the PFUI word, I thought I detected the scent of a bone.

“Do you smell that?” I whispered to Eddie, who had gotten up from his bed and was now standing on the very end of his table next to the door, his own nose twitching.

“Yeah, I smell it. Smells like a bone for you and Tasty Temptations for me. MEOWOWOWOW!”

“Shush! She’ll send our treats back.” I warned. Still sitting in my place on the floor.

“OK. Boys, come here.” Mommy finally called and Prince Edward and I bounced quickly to her.

We stood, one on each side waiting as she opened the packages. She did indeed have a big bone for me. In fact, it was the biggest chew bone I’d ever seen.

“WOW!” I said, giving my tail a big wag! “Thanks mommy.” I wolfed softly as I took the big bone from her hand.

A moment later Prince Edward meowed, “Yeah mom, thanks.” As he crunched happily on his treats.

“I love you boys very much.” Mommy said, her voice filling with the thick sound of tears. “Both of you are quite important to my life. Sweet Eddie, you came to me during a time when I felt I could live no longer alone. Chief Blue you came to me just when my life began to change and doing without a guide by my side was no longer possible. You are ever in my heart. “Dropping my big bone onto the floor with a mighty cluck, I ran to mommy’s side, I began nudging and licking her hands.

“No mommy, no tears. Prince Edward and I are here. Right here and we shall never leave you.” I said in my absolute best doggy language.

“Meow. MURRP! Yeah mom. we got you.”

Later in the evening, after all the work was done for the day, all company was gone, the sun was down and with the moon riding high in the sky, we all sat together listening to one of mommy’s talky books and all was wonderful in our worlds. For we knew what this Valentine’s Day was fur sure but more importantly, we knew we were safe, warm, and snug in our mommy’s love forever.

Though Valentine’s Day is gone, the love we have together is forever.

We invite you to share your love with us and the world. Leave us a comment to let us know what you think.

Thanks for reading our ‘tail’ May harmony find you and blessid may you be.



  1. Love it…and you!

  2. Victoria Zigler Reply
    February 17, 2022

    Awesome report, Blue. That’s the real meaning of love.

    1. Hi Miss Tori. Chief Blue and Sweet Eddie here.
      We do love our mommy and we’re real glad you stopped by to read our tail/tale.
      Wags and Purrs.

  3. Chanelle Allen Reply
    February 18, 2022

    I hope these Paws on the Street tales make it into a book as I mentioned to you before, Patty. I am so glad I subscribed to your blog back in January. I eagerly look forward to these stories every week.

    1. Good morning Chanelle, I hope this comment finds you well.
      Thanks so much for writing to let me know you were enjoying the posts. These are a lot of fun to write.
      I started them shortly after I got Blue and have enjoyed writing them ever since.
      Not long ago, someone asked me if I’d share them from the beginning of the series up to present day onto the FB community group. I’m going to make every effort to do that soon.

    2. Victoria Zigler Reply
      February 19, 2022

      I agree: they’d make an excellent book.

      1. I’m planning to put them together in a book one day.
        Who knows when.

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