Paws on the Street Part Twenty-Nine – Dumpsters, Car Monsters, and Holes in the Ground

Paws on the Street Part Twenty-Nine – Dumpsters, Car Monsters, and Holes in the Ground

Paws on the Street Part Twenty-Nine – Dumpsters, Car Monsters, and Holes in the Ground

By Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue

Hi, everybody!

Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue here!

Mommy has been upset lately, thinking we don’t get enough work and I don’t understand why mommy is worrying about how much work we do cause I got to tell you, working for my mommy is kinda hard but great all at once. This morning, when

we went out after the big truck delivered all her cold food, of which I got none, we had to take out all the trash. Nobody ever told me I had to take out the trash. But while we were out there this dumb human put their car monster in the middle of the parking lot. Not in one of its places but right smack in the way of where we needed to go.

At first, I could not figure out what to do. On one side there was a big bumpy thing that’s supposed to make those monsters slow down and on the other side was a curb and a bush.

We stood there for a moment in the hot sun and finally I decided it would be easier to go overtop the bumpy thing than to try and go around that bush and through the grass with holes everywhere for mom to fall into so I pulled her in the direction of the bumpy thing and stopped in front of it until she saw what it was and then we went to the dumpster.

WHEN WE GOT DONE, I had to go park really bad but I was not going back the way we came. I tugged mommy a little bit forward and thank goodness she followed me and let me show her an easier way to get to some grass.

Finally, we made it across and to the other side and boy was it a close thing. I found one of my favorite trees and gave it a mighty drink.

I tried to leave a present for the fairies, but mommy picked it up and put it into a bag and dog gone her she said to me, “Blue, find that dumpster again.”

To which I answered, “Sneeze Shake Stomp!”

Well, I thought about it for a minute and then tugged mommy forward to show her where I thought we should go and thank goodness she went with me again because, let me tell you I was not going back the way we came and I decided the other dumpster at the top of the hill would be better.

Why do humans get so excited when I figure out to go to the other dumpster is better all by myself? Isn’t that one of the things I am supposed to do to keep mommy safe?

Well, anyhow, I’m all tired now because that was a lot of going up and down hill and on the hot parking lot too and then, on the way home we stopped to talk to a nice lady and mommy let her scratch me behind the ears. But it’s hot out there and mommy says it is gonna be hotter later today. I’m going to lay down in front of the cool air now and go to sleep a while. So, here’s mommy.

Patty and her guide dog Blue. Patty has her hair tied back in a low ponytail and rests her right hand on Blue's head. She wears a white shirt with a pink and purple butterfly on the front and light blue shorts. Blue is a handsome black lab. He wears a brown leather harness with a handle attached to the back and is smiling at the camera as he sits in front of Patty. In the background is a brick building with white, windowed doors and a flowerpot overflowing with pink and yellow blooms.

About Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue Fletcher…

Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue was born in Chester New Jersey, October 4, 2018.

After only 8 short weeks, he was taken from his dog mother and given to a puppy raiser family, where he would live and train for the next year.

When the year was over and he’d passed all his tests with flying colors, he went to live at The Seeing Eye® Guide Dog School and there he began to learn the rest of what he must know to become a Seeing Eye® Guide.

After a few months of arduous training, he was matched with his human mother as her second guide.

Now, he lives in the mountainous land of Kingsport Tennessee where whether working in harness guiding his mother safely from place to place or playing with his beloved doughnut ring he is always on the case.


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      Please let us know what you think.
      I’m not sure why Abbie chose this peace to share out of all the things she reads each week but We’re grateful.

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