Paws on the Street part thirty-four – Please Don’t Smoke in Our Face

Paws on the Street part thirty-four – Please Don’t Smoke in Our Face


I’ve edited this post to reflect the correct series number.


Paws on the Street part thirty-four – Please Don’t Smoke in Our Face


By Patty L. Fletcher


Kingsport Tennessee USA


June 17, 2023


Moon Phase New



“What happened to the 15 FT distance from a building when smoking law?” I grumbled as I gasped for a fresh breath of air. “Even Blue is sneezing from it.” The cigarette smoke hung thick again in the breezeway, and I was glad to be heading away.

“At least they put a glass in the door, to create a sort of window for us. The guy who put it in did a piss poor job of it but what can you expect from places like this? It’s no wonder people living in such squaller don’t care. The ones managing it don’t. Well, that’s not 100 percent true. Some care but they’re like us peasants. What would we know?” They built new apartments for a lot of the low-income people in this town. Unfortunately, they put rotten meat back on the shelves. They should’ve given us old people a chance. Most would take care of a new place. If they’d smooth the ruts out of the yard and put a couple of nice tables with umbrellas out people would sit there and we wouldn’t need to sit cramped up in the breezeway anyway.”

I kept the grumbling dialog going in my head until Blue pulled up in front of the spot, we stopped at for him to relieve. After I slipped Blue’s harness over his head, removing it from his body, he went ahead of me stretching his leash to the full 4 FT and began circling and sniffing with glee.

I stood underneath the tree, taking large deep breaths of air. I wanted to clear my lungs of all that noisome smoke, I wanted the wind to wash over me with its coolness and smooth the scent of smoke from my skin.

I like anyone enjoyed good conversation, so I’d sat with one of my neighbors to chat a bit. We couldn’t have been there more than 15 minutes. 20 at the most, but Blue and I were covered with the smell.

When Blue had relieved and we’d walked the loop, I turned reluctantly toward home.

“I love our little hideaway hut but there are some buggeredly things I’d like to have gone. Well, let me qualify. The people are nice enough, it’s their habits that are driving me bats. You cannot sit outside in the breezeway to enjoy the evening without being smothered by someone’s smoke. Smoke if you must, but please don’t do it where all of us sit. If you do, sit so you’re positioned such that the smoke flows away from those you’re sitting with. Manners would help a lot.”

When Blue and I returned to the breezeway, refreshed from our jog, and bouncing time together, I was relieved to see the smokers had gone back inside. I had no doubt they’d keep smoking indoors as well. It’s well known everyone does.

Once back inside, harness and leash put away, I set about cleaning Blue and myself as best I could to remove the smell and soon, he was snoozing on the loveseat, and I was readying for bed.

Today, I’m looking forward to an early morning walk before everyone wakes up. It’s my favorite time of day. It’s peaceful. There are few smokers sitting about, which is a relief because they’re all over the complex. Smoking their sticks of doom.

It also means there won’t be as many dogs out. Their owners give me fits. I cringe when I hear them talking to their dogs. “I’ve told you. Be quiet. I’m gonna ware you out.” Stupidity 100 percent magnified. Their dogs don’t know or care what any of that means. Then, when the poor dogs are quiet, the owners give them no praise. Even before I got a guide dog, I knew not to be remiss on the praise.

I’ve tried talking to them. They’re about as receptive as a stone so I give up and try to walk when they’re inside.

At the same time, these nuisances are noisome, we’ve also got some nice things to be grateful for. The walkways surrounding the perimeter of the parking lot that run-in front of all the buildings is shaped so it can be used as a nice exercise path. It also allows me to cross the driveway when it’s busy, which gives Blue some traffic work. Though not hard, it keeps his intelligent disobedience sharp. I had to talk to those who drive and encourage them not to look at Blue. If he saw who they were I feared he might forget his work, due to his knowing and trusting them. Mostly, it’s working. When it doesn’t, Blue gets a correction, and many will go back, and we do it again. “Not the most ideal situation but you use what you have.” Blue is quite good at stopping for delivery and garbage trucks, as well as hybrid cars. The conversation as we pass is also nice. No matter the situation, it’s always better if there are others to share it with.



Question of the Week


What’s up on the writing front?


I hope to get some writing done. I’m working on a couple of projects. Not only am I working on book two of the Pathway to Freedom Broken and Healed trilogy, but I’m also working on the second in the Blended Lives Chronicles series. That one is more fun.

Here’s the synopsis for the upcoming book. I’m excited about it. I should have a report from Dawn and Colleen of Two Pentacles Publishing soon.





Lady Laya MoonWalker is a well-respected author and magazine owner and a high priestess in the magickal community. After a drawn-out battle with the forces of dark magik, she has come into her own. She lives and works on Planet Korponious, where she is the owner and creator of an Interplanetary Magazine called “Blended Lives Chronicles.” Her mission is to blend the lines of race, creed, and disability that separate so many and to elevate the recognition of the training and ability of Service Animals of all kinds to a new level. She has just been accepted into the Blended Lives Federation and now hopes to continue her work in a way like nothing known to her before.

Laya has created allot of wreckage along the way through her dark journey into the light, and now she wishes to set this to right. She has just received her best break ever. Frank Prince, the CEO of The Blended Lives Learning Center, has invited her to the Celtic New Year Convention and Witches Ball as a reporter to write a story on the progress of The Blended Lives Planetary Federation. She will be their guest speaker at the opening ceremonies.

When Laya arrives at the Celtic Convention, she finds herself face to face with an old and dear friend, Blended Lives Learning Center Instructor and member of the Order of the Night, Derrick Gibbous. As they begin to connect, causing old sparks to reignite, they are tossed into a nasty battle from which not everyone will escape. People are not as they seem, and not everyone supports the side for which they appear to work.

As their love for one another grows, so does the battle. Despite everything, Laya and Derrick are determined to see their work to unite beings of all kinds succeed.


Well, the cup is empty, I’m rambling on here without much to say. So, this is the end from me and Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue.

Thanks for reading.

May Harmony find You.

Blessid Be.



About Patty L. Fletcher

Patty L. Fletcher lives in Kingsport Tennessee where she works full time as a Writer with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled. She is Also a Social Media Marketing Assistant.


Follow her at: for stories, book updates and more.










  1. Robbie Cheadle Reply
    June 17, 2023

    Hi Patty, I can’t bear people smoking around me either. And Michael must not breath in smoke, it is very bad for him. Luckily we have a house with our own garden so this sort of thing isn’t usually a problem. Great news about your book.

    1. Hi, Robbie. The weird thing, I used to smoke. When I stopped them the last time, I prayed to be absolutely delivered of them.
      Blue is sick this morning, and I’m almost sure it was the exposure to the smoke last evening that did it to him.

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